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Posted: 2/6/2006 23:15
Last Updated: 8/14/2008 12:00

GM Section

Things currently in here:

Episodes, Campaigns, and the Scope of the Adventure
Campaign structure in Super Awesome Action Heroes should not be treated like traditional Roleplaying Games. Rather than a single overarching campaign, games of SAAH are best limited in their scope.
Good Ideas for Campaigns:
Preventing a bank robbery
Stopping aliens from taking over the planet
Taking back a hijacked cruise ship
Taking back a hijacked train
Pretty much anything that involves "Freeing the Hostages"
Aw heck, pull out a Steven Seagal film...

Bad Ideas for Campaigns:
Exploring Canadian Politics
Anything involving "Fighting the Dragon"
Large stories that will take two years to unfold
Any movie that stars Syndey Poitier
Think of long term campaigns to be formed of "Episodes." Each episode should have a Main Villain, and should be completed in three to five sessions. The characters can then continue to the next Episode.

More to come later...
NPC Creation:

Creating Non-Player Characters in SAAH is fairly straight forward. The first thing a Game Master should do is figure out their primary cast of bad guys, and their appropriate roles. There should only be ONE Main Villain, and the number of Assistants should be limited to two or three. All other Villain NPCs should be classified as Fodder.

Fodder characters are generated exactly like any other kind of first level character. As stated in the "Roles" section, they are assigned an Archetype for only the Combat Statistics, and cannot use any associated Skills (Sweet Moves, etc.) that a normal character would have received. For the convienence of the Game Master, it is easiest to merely create one set of statistics for all of a game's Fodder characters, and reusing them throughout the campaign.

Example Fodder Character:
Archetype: Military

Character Statistics:
Fitness: 3
Sweetness: 3

Combat Statistics:
Base: 1 Effective: 1
Base: 0 Effective: 1
Base: 1 Effective: 1
For NPCs who are on our Heroes' side, limit the number of "Sidekicks" (the Primary Character should be a player). There should never be more than one or two NPC Sidekicks, as the point of the game is for the Players to tell the story. All other NPCs the Heroes might encounter should remain Fodder.

More to come later...

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