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Posted: 2/6/2006 23:19
Last Updated: 4/7/2006 12:36

Levels and Experience

Super Awesome Action Heroes has a fairly simple advancement system. Rather than use a complicated experience point system that would fill this area up with a batch of tables, leveling up occurs when one simple thing occurs: A Main Villain is defeated.

When a Main Villain is defeated in combat, all Characters in the Players' Party are advanced in level. This means (obviously) that their level number increases by one (and thus all statistics based on level number). The Character is also alloted one more Character Statistic Point that can be spent, and one more Combat Statistic Point as well.

Once a character reaches Level Five, they can no longer level up, but the option to ReArchetype begins.

After a character reaches Level 5, as previously mentioned, they are no longer able to advance in level. At a point of leveling up however, they are given a chance to reset their level with a new Archetype.

In ReArchetyping, the character's Archetype is replaced, and their level number is reduced back to one. The character must also subtract a total of three points from their Character Statistics, and a total of three points from their base Combat Statistics. All Combat Modifiers from their previous Archetype are then also replaced with the Combat Modifiers from their new one. This does mean that a ReArchetyped character at level one has higher statistics than a Non-ReArchetyped character at level one.

All is not lost from the previous Archetype though, as a ReArchetyped character does retain all of their previous Archetype's Skills. For example, a Pirate who was originally a Ninja still retains the skill "Totally Disappear," even though they are no longer a Ninja.

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