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Posted: 2/6/2006 23:27
Last Updated: 5/2/2006 13:45

What are 'Roles'?

Like all good action movies, each character has his or her place. Are they the main hero? Are they the plucky sidekick? As this controls how powerful a character can be, it is important as to how a character will function in the game.
Tommy is just a sidekick, but he doesn't know it yet...

In SAAH, there are two types of roles for heroes: Primary Character and Sidekick.

Primary Character: Traditionally, there is only one Primary Character in a SAAH game.1 The Primary Character gets a +1 modifier in their favor to all of his or her rolls. The Primary Character also cannot be killed in combat. A Primary Character, if he or she reaches the point of character death, is considered unconscious. This does not mean that he or she is immortal though - if the character is unconscious after battle, they can be killed in a dramatic moment to fuel the game's plot.

Sidekicks: Sidekicks are what most players will play. There is no disadvantage to being a sidekick, but the get no modifiers in their favor either. Don't think they are any less important than the Primary Character though - if the Primary Character is knocked out, only Sidekicks can rescue him or her. Without Sidekicks, the campaign won't be successful.

Main Villain: The criminal mastermind, the mad scientist, the antithesis of everything our heroes stand for. This is the Main Villain. The Main Villain is given the same advantages as the Primary Character (+1 modifier on all rolls), as they must be the perfect nemesis. But do not fear, like the Primary Character, there is only one Main Villain in a campaign.

Assistants: Assistants are a Main Villain's Lieutenants of sorts. Like Sidekicks, they get no modifiers. A Sidekick and an equal level Assistant should be able to go toe to toe. These are the henchmen who are actually dangerous.

Fodder: Fodder are unique (and common at the same time). Not necessarily evil, but every NPC who is not a Main Villain, Assistant (or Sidekick even) is considered "Fodder." Fodder characters recieve a significantly reduced amount of health versus a normal character (See the Stats, Skills, and Sweet Moves section), and are never higher than level one. Fodder characters have an archetype assigned for Combat Statistic purposes; however, they do not get to use any of said Archetype's "Skills." Fodder are often the guys guarding the secret entrance of a master villain's fortress, or the waves of generic ninja that seem to be so easily dispatched. Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be ninja...

1 - On the Number of Primary Characters: The only exception is if the game is being played in a "Buddy Cop" (or equivalent) setting. There can never be more than two Primary Characters in a campaign though.

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