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Posted: 2/6/2006 23:29
Last Updated: 8/14/2008 12:55


Jim: Holy Crap Bob! We're surrounded by 300 Ninjas!

Bob: The plural of Ninja is Ninja, Jim. Hand me that sweater!

Jim: Why?

Bob: Just Do it!

Five Minutes Later...

Jim: Ewwwww... Looks at the piles of dead Ninja with yarn coming out of their mouths

Bob: I know Jim, I know.
There are some rules in life: What goes up must come down, a penny saved is a penny earned, and most importantly - the main character in an action film can do just about anything if the FX budget is high enough.

Super Awesome Action Heroes (SAAH) is a table top Role Playing Game System designed to emulate Action Films and the cinematic experience. SAAH requires, by rules, for players to describe what they're doing in detail, and forces even the most dedicated power-gamer... to actually Role Play most of the time.

The system is built around the most basic statistics, so for those looking for something deep that details every detail of a character... this is not for you. This is not a game that promotes realism, nor does it pretend to. This is a game where if you have an extra clip on you, you never run out of ammunition. This is a game where dumpsters are always filled with empty cardboard boxes, and all bad guys (excepting the lead villains) are easy Fodder.

Good guys make it out alive... unless they're three days until retirement.

You get the picture.

For the most part, this manual assumes you've played a role playing game before. Ideas like a "Game Master" shouldn't be foreign, along with terminology like "1d10." While later drafts (including any print copies) will eventually fill in these gaps, the online edition has no plans to do so immediately.

Trae Dorn
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