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Posted: 4/25/2006 22:25
Last Updated: 3/2/2018 13:13

Trae's Guide to the NoBrandVerse

This is my attempt to build a useful canon for the NoBrandVerse, this documents all official events in the NoBrandCon story line, along with descriptions of the major characters. All sources come from official convention announcements, events at the conventions, and other direct source materials. It should be noted that the first NoBrandCon (2002) did not have an official story, although events have been written in to take place during this time period. Events are listed chronologically.   There is a list of major characters at the bottom of this page.


Pre NoBrandCon NoBrandVerse
  • Ancient Rome - The very first Greenboy takes the title, working as a superhero side-kick for a "Roman Man." This title is passed down from generation to generation.
  • Edo-Period Japan - Clan of the Gardening Ninja founded by the surviving firefighters sent to kill Itami Hanzo.
  • Early 20th century - Duct Tape Invented for US Military.
  • Duct Tape Boy, the then-current Greenboy (who holds the title through the first seven No Brand Cons), the Cardboard Commando and Bubblewrap Girl form the No Brand Heroes. Duct Tape Boy is officially the leader.
  • They go off an fight in "The War," though what war this is has never been canonically established. Duct Tape Boy, in Basic training, shoots himself 17 times - is given an award as a cruel joke.
  • Late 1990s - Duct Tape Boy emerges in Wausau, WI. Does nothing notable other than host occasional Costume Contest.
  • Early 2001, Duct Tape Boy concerned for Bubblewrap Girl's safety, leaves her.
NoBrandCon 2 Storyline (2003 Convention)
  • Duct Tape Boy arrives at NoBrandCon in April of 2003. Hosts things with Greenboy. Generally smells bad.
NoBrandCon 3 Storyline (2004 Convention)
  • Late April 2003 - RoboGojira is constructed by Staff member (and not movie monster) Gojira. RoboGojira is meant to be his robotic lab assistant.
  • DTB begins World Travels Spring 2003
  • DTB goes to A-cen May 2003
  • DTB goes to New York and Italy August 2003
  • December 2003 - Duct Tape Boy Disappears.
  • December 2003 - Bicho-Zapata Times Gazette (Bicho, TX) reports on a mysterious corpse found by local little league star Corey Sluff. Body resembes Duct Tape Boy. Greenboy goes to investigate.
  • Lord Masking Tape, a character from out of nowhere, claims responsibility. It turns out that he is just lonely though, and is not related. He may or may not possess DTB's copy of "Spice World" still as a hostage though.
  • January 2004 - Greenboy ends up in Mexican Prison, having gotten lost looking for Duct Tape Boy's body. He escapes in February.
  • February 2004 - Vinnk receives a "Beyond the Grave" Western Union telegraph from Duct Tape Boy. It details funeral instructions.
  • RoboGojira covers self in Duct Tape, tries to become RoboDuctTapeBoy.
  • Duct Tape Boy's body retrieved March 2004. Funeral procession held at NoBrandCon 3. Bubblewrap Girl appears, Cardboard Commando returns to give a eulogy. RoboGojira also attends. Halfway through the funeral, Greenboy arrives carrying a specialized IMRDS - an Is My Duct Tape Boy Dead Stick. Greenboy prods Duct Tape Boy -- and Duct Tape Boy awakes. It turns out he'd been taking a very long nap, and that RoboGojira had tried to make it look like Duct Tape Boy was dead so he could become the new Duct Tape Boy. Good triumphs over evil.
NoBrandCon 4 Storyline (2005 Convention)
  • Spring 2004 - RoboGojira, feeling rejected, recreates himself as Executron - and disguises himself in a skull mask. He founds BrandCorp, and hires businessman Wilson Oakes.
  • Spring 2004 - Wilson Oakes steals the one piece of Stock in NoBrandCon from Duct Tape Boy. BrandCorp now owns NoBrandCon.
  • Mid-2004 - Duct Tape Boy is sent to work in a Chinese Sweatshop, after being told "It will be a really fun vacation!"
  • BrandCorp begins to brainwash members of NoBrandCon staff and some attendees and infuses microchips in their brains. The Chips cause people to be unable to read the color indigo. The resistance forms, and soon begins to capitalize on this.
  • Greenboy is given a strangely defective chip, which is combined with a kitchen appliance. The reasons for this are never explained.
  • Resistance discovers a way to defeat chipping... by glomping people.
  • A plan by Vinnk to liberate Duct Tape Boy is attempted but fails.
  • Spring 2005 - Duct Tape Boy is brought to America for Propaganda purposes by BrandCorp. Because he can't be chipped (lacking a proper brain) direct electrodes are afixed to him.
  • NoBrandCon 2005 - Opening Ceremonies. Wilson Oakes (with a lady friend), Executron (RoboGojira), a chipped Greenboy and captured Duct Tape Boy are brought out. They announce how great they are, and leave abruptly. Wilson Oakes, upon walking out into the hallway is killed in a mysterious manner. Some rumors say he was hit by a bus full of nuns, others by a run away train. In any case, the splatter was fairly unrecognizable as ever having been human.
  • NoBrandCon 2005 - Man Auction. Human slavery is committed by BrandCorp.
  • NoBrandCon 2005 - Cosplay Contest - Duct Tape Boy and Greenboy (who has been glomped, and is free from his chipping) host Cosplay under duress. Executron though, now that Wilson Oakes is dead, is defenseless and the Cosplay judges easily defeat him - ripping off his mask and revealing his true identity as RoboGojira. RoboGojira/Executron is defeated, and NoBrandCon is saved.
  • Post saving the convention, The Gardening Ninja (the last living member of the Clan of the Gardening Ninja and "Master of Gardenjitsu") joins the No Brand Heroes.
NoBrandCon 5 Storyline (2006 Convention)
  • Late-Spring 2005 - Duct Tape Boy, who is technically in charge, declares that NoBrandCon is actually a high school, and that  Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja are the "Vice Principals." No Principal is ever named, as Duct Tape Boy has decided he's a student.
  • Fall 2005 - The Gardening Ninja and Greenboy hire Science Teacher Lady as the only Teacher. They attempt to teach Duct Tape Boy, but fail.
  • NoBrandCon High Closes due to laziness.
  • The Documentary "Duct Tape Boy: Living Legend" is produced.
  • NoBrandCon 2006 - Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja decide to have a NoBrandCon High School Reunion. Duct Tape Boy is honored as their "Top Student." This story is very boring.
  • These events have no lasting effects beyond Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja being left as co-seconds in command of the No Brand Heroes under Duct Tape Boy.
NoBrandCon 6 Storyline (2007 Convention)
  • Early 2007 - Theme committee convenes, with Greenboy, Cardboard Commando, and Gardening Ninja present. Duct Tape Boy is absent because he is off on assignment. Greenboy decides theme should be a "Matsuri" theme, but Cardboard Commando and Gardening Ninja disagree (view video here)
  • March 2007 - A news report comes in, telling the story of Duct Tape Boy battling Egyptian Space Mummies in Peru. (view video here)
  • April 2007 - The Gardening Ninja interrupts the "Science Committee Meeting" (which is composed of Science Teacher Lady, Executron, and an unnamed character) to complain about Greenboy "hijacking" the theme. Science Teacher Lady doesn't really seem to care all that much. (view video here)
  • NoBrandCon 2007 - Opening Ceremonies, hosted by Greenboy and Science Teacher Lady, is interrupted by the Gardening Ninja and the Cardboard Commando. Right as violence is about to break out between the two sides, Duct Tape Boy arrives (a day earlier than he's supposed to). Duct Tape Boy says violence is not the answer, and Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja agree to settle their differences the only way they know how -- with a dance off.
  • NoBrandCon 2007 - The Cosplay Contest intermission holds the Dance off. Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja both do their best, with Duct Tape Boy as the judge. Duct Tape Boy declares that they're both terrible, and declares himself the winner.
NoBrandCon 7 Storyline (2008 Convention)
  • With the previous year's conflict, everyone agrees that Duct Tape Boy doesn't have the attention span to be in charge anymore. The Gardening Ninja asks if HE can be in charge, and Duct Tape Boy let's him.  Apparently no one had thought to ever ask to be in charge before.
  • March 2008 - Executron steals the Gardening Ninja's Beef and Grass flavored Ice Cream. The Gardening Ninja, now interim head of the No Brand Heroes, dispatches Greenboy to get it back (as Duct Tape Boy is unavailable at that moment). (view video here
  • April 2008 - Greenboy is abducted by Unlimited Hunger (a henchman of Executron) when he breaks into Execuplaza.  Duct Tape Boy is sent to save Greenboy, and is joined by the suspicious Unquenchable Thirst. (view video here)
  • April 2008 - Upon arriving at Execuplaza, Duct Tape Boy and Unquenchable Thirst discover Executron, Unlimited Hunger and Greenboy have fled to No Brand Con.
  • No Brand Con 2008 - Opening Ceremonies, hosted by the Gardening Ninja, is interrupted by pretty much the whole cast of characters.  Greenboy it turns out was only staying "captive" because he was bored and felt bad for Unlimited Hunger.   Unquenchable Thirst turns out to be evil, but with little left to do, just pretty much decides she wants some Mexican food. A roughly happy ending, if not unexpected.
  • No Brand Con 2008 - Cosplay Contest.  Greenboy announces his retirement, and that he is to be replaced by the New Greenboy. 
NoBrandCon 8 Storyline (2009 Convention)
  • Early 2009 - Multiple near earth space events occur in rapid succession.  Whenever one of these events occurs, a transmission occurs. (view video here).
  • March 2009 - After part of the message is decoded, it is discovered that it originates from the Egyptian Space Mummies (see No Brand Con 2007).  Duct Tape Boy is sent in "Spaceship 3" to investigate (view video here).
  • Duct Tape Boy arrives at the Space Mummy Mothership, beams in, kicks one of them in the junk, beams out, and runs away. (view video here).
  • No Brand Con 2009 - At opening ceremonies, Duct Tape Boy returns believing that he is triumphant.  The message has been fully decoded, and apparently the space mummies had just planned on opening a burrito stand and going to Disney World.  A Space Mummy shows up and confronts Duct Tape Boy.  Duct Tape Boy decides that after opening ceremonies he'll travel back in time to help himself (using Space Ship 3 and warping around the sun... like in Star Trek IV).  Then a second Duct Tape Boy comes out from back stage.  The Space Mummy (who is just confused) gives up and leaves.
NoBrandCon 9 Storyline (2010 Convention)
  • Technically, nothing happens before the convention (See Below)
  • At No Brand Con 2010, a mysterious woman appears during Opening Ceremonies.  She calls herself "Future Girl" (as she is from the future), and tells Duct Tape Boy and the Gardening Ninja that if Executron is allowed to activate his "M.A.C.G.U.F.F.I.N." device, it will cause the apocalypse to occur. The No Brand Heroes ignore her.
  •  During the Cosplay contest, Executron shows a presentation about his "M.A.C.G.U.F.F.I.N." device.  The No Brand Heroes, now wary at least, see the part where it means the world has a 50% chance of ending if he activates it.  Future Girl stops Executron from activating the device, and the world is saved.
  • The following events occur in a timeline where Executron successfully activated his device: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.
NoBrandCon 10 Storyline (2011 Convention)
  • Fall 2010 - Wilson Oakes Jr. emerges, secretly reforming BrandCorp with Executron (view video here)
  • Fall 2010 - BrandCorp minions abduct the Gardening Ninja. The other No Brand Heroes fail to notice. (view video here)
  • March 2011 - Executron, disguised as the Gardening Ninja, sends a video message to the No Brand Heroes telling Greenboy to infiltrate Execuplaza unarmed, alone, and defenseless.  Needless to say, this is a trap.  He is captured, and Wilson Oakes Jr. uses him as a guinea pig in his new brain-chipping process. (view video here)
  • March 2011 - Wilson Oakes Jr announces his presence to Future Girl and Duct Tape Boy and explains that he technically owns No Brand Con still since legally it still belonged to his deceased father. Shows off his bigger, evil Greenboy
  • April 2011 - Duct Tape Boy starts the Resistance to stop BrandCorp
  • April 2011 - At No Brand Con Wilson Oakes Jr and Executron trot out a captive Gardening Ninja and brainwashed Greenboy. Duct Tape Boy and Future Girl reverse Greenboy's brainwashing by "glomping" him, and free the Gardening Ninja. Wilson Oakes Jr. is revealed to NOT be the biological heir of the original Wilson Oakes, but is actually a robot. No Brand Con is saved.
No Brand Con 11 Storyline (2012 Convention)
  • 2011 - Gardening Ninja announces he's going to use his hundreds/thousands of vacation days and take time off -- but the rest of the team needs to find a new member
  • 2012 - Multiple heroes audition to join, including Yarn, Executron in disguise, and Tagalong
  • Executron (as Friend-utron) and Tagalong make it to the second round of auditons, and face a bunch of challenges
  • At con, the heroes select Tagalong as the new member, foiling Executron's plans
No Brand Con 12 & 13 - No Story

No Brand Con 14 (2015 Convention)
  • Duct Tape Boy discovers Magical Girl Girl's Wand, and she appears out of nowhere.
No Brand Con 15 (2016 Convention)
  • With the con relocating to the Wisconsin Dells, Duct Tape Boy and Magical Girl Girl take a road trip to get to the event. They get lost a lot.
No Brand Con 16 - No Story

No Brand Con 17 (2018 Convention)
  • At some point prior to this storyline, Greenboy has been restored to his original body. No explanation has been established yet, nor when this happened since he was last on screen/physically seen in 2012.
  • Spring/Winter 2018 - The Gardening Ninja returns after his vacation in Indiana. Upon his return he finds only Greenboy and Magical Girl Girl. Concerned that no one knows where Duct Tape Boy is, the Gardening Ninja insists that they have to find him. Since Gardening Ninja planted a tracker on Cardboard Commando, they decide to seek him out since he's one of Duct Tape Boy's oldest "friends" and may know where he is.
  • ...



  • Duct Tape Boy [ Picture ]
    The Not-So-Superhero. Origins pre-1995 unknown. Has skin made out of Duct Tape, and cannot speak coherently to save his life. Has the super powers of being sticky, smelling really bad, but also being pretty much indestructable. He is often described as the "Number One Operative of the No Brand Heroes," and was at one time considered their de facto leader before someone realized it might be a good idea to put someone capable of tying their shoes in charge.  In 2008 he started to actually wear clothes.

  • The Original Greenboy [ Picture 1 ][ Picture 2 ]
    Long Time Sidekick of Duct Tape Boy and former sidekick of Roman Man. Wears green, and possesses the power of "Q" -- which stands for Greenboy! We have no idea what that actually means though. He wears green, and has a duct tape Q on his shirt usually.  He retired from the position in 2008, passing on the mantle.

  • The New Greenboy
    New "Sidekick in Training."  Wears a costume almost identical to the Original Greenboy, only he has Beautiful Girl Hair (Patent Pending). 

  • Cardboard Commando [ Picture ]
    Not much is known about him other than the fact that his armor is made out of a super-hi-tech cardboard substance, and that he hates Duct Tape Boy after having worked with him. Occasionally he just wears the helmet.

  • The Gardening Ninja [ Picture 1 ][ Picture 2 ]
    The Master of the Clan of the Gardening Ninja leads an underground organization of assassins formed just prior to the Meiji restoration, in the last years of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan. For some reason, at one point, they picked a six foot three white guy to take over. We don't ask. He's a Ninja with a Rake and/or Hoe. In 2008 he became the leader of the No Brand Heroes... because no one else wants the job. (Note: The Gardening Ninja was introduced at 2004's No Brand Con separately from the storyline, and wasn't meant to be a plot character -- merely to host the Hanzo events. In 2006 he was introduced into the official storyline when the character co-hosted opening ceremonies. Oddly enough, he was originally conceived to be a potential villain)

  • Future Girl
    She comes from an alternate 2010, which is ironically no longer in the future. She traveled back in time to stop a plot of Executron which ended the world in her original timeline. She is currently a member of the No Brand Heroes, and besides her insisting she's "from the future," is one of the more competent members.

  • Science Teacher Lady [ Picture ]
    Science Teacher Lady heads the Science Committee branch of the No Brand Heroes. The committee has several members, including a character merely named "?" and occasionally (oddly enough) Executron. They make the science.

  • Executron [ Picture ]
    Constructed by former Staff Member Gojira (and originally named RoboGojira), he was built for good - but turned to the dark side out of jealousy of how much Duct Tape Boy was loved - He later founded BrandCorp and took on the alter-ego of Executron, disguising himself in a skull mask. He is a two foot tall robot, and currently his whereabouts are unknown.  Mostly no one is looking for him. 

  • Wilson Oakes [ Picture ]
    A businessman by nature, he was employed by RoboGojira/Executron in the plot to destroy NoBrandCon. Was graphically killed off stage during the 2005 convention.

  • Bubblewrap Girl [ Picture ]
    Former love interest and sidekick of Duct Tape Boy. Whereabouts unknown. She wears Bubblewrap, and is not composed of it.

  • Unquenchable Thirst
    She is a Minion of Executron and occasional employee of BrandCorp.

  • Wilson Oakes Jr.
    The apparent son of Wilson Oakes, he surfaced to reform the evil BrandCorp and fill his father's shoes.

  • Other Characters Who Need Profiling: , Unlimited Hunger, Unquenchable Thirst, Staff Members, Other people I forgot

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