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Posted: 3/23/2007 19:09
Last Updated: 8/8/2008 21:27

Don't Leave Dead Birds (Hanging From a Tree)

Runtime: ~5 Minutes
Description: I wrote this song six years ago for "Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday." Not my best performance, but it works. This is also known as what happens when you leave Trae alone with a Korg TRITON Workstation... (It's a little out of sync, but better than the first upload)

This is all me... sadly.

Additional Notes: This is based off of a True story that happened to a high school friend of mine while she was working at a daycare center during college. They had decided to do an exercise where the kids bring in pieces of string and yarn for the birds to build nests with... and the next day, they found a robin had managed to hang itself in what looked like a blue yarn noose...

...oh, woe to the kid who brought Yarn in that day. Meggie is now a Pastor out in New Jersey...

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