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Posted: 4/27/2007 11:01
Last Updated: 2/28/2015 7:27

No Brand Con: More Behind the Scenes

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Run Time: ~2 minutes
Description: From the world of NoBrandCon: The Gardening Ninja interrupts a very important Science Committee Meeting.

This video is part of the ongoing mascot plotline that continues between conventions. NoBrandCon is Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention.

Soundtrack: No music used.

Additional Notes: This was the last of three plot videos for the NoBrandCon 2007 convention. The story then resolved at the actual convention. What happened was as such: The Gardening Ninja and the Cardboard Commando interrupted Opening Ceremonies - and just when the Gardening Ninja and Greenboy were about to fight, Duct Tape Boy manages to get back from Peru. He tells them "Violence no answer!" Greenboy and the Gardening Ninja decide to have a Dance off to solve their differences. In the end, it ends up being a tie.

Oh, did I mention "SPOILER" alert?

Trae Dorn
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