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Posted: 8/14/2008 16:55
Last Updated: 1/11/2009 22:24

Appendix: Fantasy Setting

Super Awesome Action Heroes is easily adapted to Fantasy settings. Most archetypes and rules are easily moved to this setting unaltered, but for those wanting a more "traditional" feel, the following has been written. It should be noted that in this document the "Guns" statistic has been relabeled "Range" for flavor. The actual statistic serves the same purpose so (honestly) it doesn't matter which it's called.

SAAH doesn't take race into account. A fodder Orc has the same stats as a fodder human, and there are no limits on what "race" can be what class. Limitations and the like are entirely up to the GM.

Disallowed Archetypes:
The Following Archetypes are disallowed from a fantasy setting (Presuming you aren't doing modern fantasy):
  • Military
  • Scientist

New Archetypes:
The following Archetypes have been created specifically for running Fantasy campaigns:

Replaces Military from classic SAAH, they are the typical fighting man.

Soldier's Abilities:
-Inspire (Give Me Five Minutes)-
If a Soldier chooses to "Inspire" the troops prior to combat, all party members get a +1 to Sweetness for the next immediate combat.

-General Sweet Move-
They go all "Big Sword -- whoosh whoosh" and stuff.

Combat Modifiers:
+1 Melee

Call them a rogue, call them a sleight of hand artist, call them... the Pompatus of love... this person is still a thief no matter how they try to change their stripes. They have a wide variety of skills (some only unlocked at level 3), but remember -- sometimes a sweet move will be just as effective for these tasks.

Thief's Abilities:
-General Sweet Move-

-Pick Pocket (Sweet Move Point - no test)-
Pick Someone's pocket. If you can't do that, you just aren't a thief.

-Hide (Give Me Five Minutes)-
A less effective form of "Totally Disappear." Roll a 1d10. The resulting score is the n/10 chance of being seen by another character (they must beat your roll to see you).

(At Level 2 They Gain)
-Bullshit (Sweet Move Point)-
Talk your way out of any situation... but make it good. Sweet move rules apply.

(At Level 3 They Gain)
-Disarm Trap/Device (Give Me Five Minutes OR Sweet Move Point)-
Disarm a trap, device, or whatever. Either roll a d10 against the difficulty of the device OR use a Sweet Move Point, and give a good description about how badass your disarming is.

Combat Modifiers:
+1 Range

Better Living Through Alchemy. This Archetype replaces The Scientist. Okay, so they are EXACTLY the scientist, only with a different name. Exact same skills and rules apply.

Alchemist's Abilities:
-Research (Give Me Five Minutes)-
Only with LIBRARIES.

-Tech Solution (Sweet Move Point)-
-Miracle Cure (Sweet Move Point)-
-Build Something Out of Nowhere (Sweet Move Point)-

Combat Modifiers:
-1 Range
-1 Melee
-1 Barehands

Magic User:
Mages, Sorcerers, Illusionists, Druids (although those could be Mystics), Wizards... all really the same thing. They call upon some magic, and use it. At first level they get two spells, and at each level they can add another spell to their "Spell Book." This isn't a literal Spell Book -- just a game term to simplify explaining it.

-SpellChuck (Sweet Move Point)-
Use a spell from your character's spell book. You must come up with a very good description of what happens when you cast said spell, along with a decent name for it.

-Research (Give Me Five Minutes)-

-Flourish (Give Me Five Minutes)-
Little tricks that can't hurt anyone -- like an orb of light, a (tiny) flame over the finger, or a tiny jingle. Must be small scale, and at the GM's discretion.

This will Heal damage done to another character. Will heal another character 1d6 + Caster's Level.

Attack Spell
Shoots a bolt/stream/missle of SOMETHING at another character. Give it a nifty name and description that sounds really cool. Does a normal Sweet Move's Amount of Damage.

Improves target Fitness By 3 for length of combat.

Stop an opponent(s) in his/her/their tracks using magic, wind, etc. (ie: If there are surrounding plants, they will wrap around a target). This has a good chance of immobilizing (but not directly hurting) the target (Target must beat a roll of 1d10 + Caster's Level to escape). Can effect one non-fodder character, or up to three fodder characters.

Blinding Light
Flashes a blinding light that blinds all characters (who didn't close their eyes) for two combat rounds.

Jimmy Joe's Levitating Circular Platform
It's a circular platform for hauling things. You'll never use this unless you're exceptionally creative and/or bored.

(Only available at Level 5)
Summon Fodder Creature
Summons Creature with Level 1 Fodder Statistics to aid in combat.

Combat Modifiers:
-1 Barehands

More rules coming soon

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