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Posted: 10/21/2008 13:33
Last Updated: 11/7/2015 0:43

No Later for
Trae Dorn
Something's Rotten in the Garden State

Website(s) Reviewed:,,

This is Part Four of an Ongoing Series on Internet Spell Casters. You May Want to Also Read Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Five
Update: 2/18/2012 It's been a long time since I revisited this article, but earlier today I received the following email:
From: tasha122604@[redacted].com
Subject: Hi this is about the scam

I found this blog post on your site here

I am very concerned about all the stuff I was reading on there. It was basically explaining that the site that was posted in the blog on your site was a scam. I just want to explain to you that I am the real Tasha Palladino. I do not do any sort of witch craft spells. That site was created by an ex boyfriend of mine. He created it years back when him and I were together.

I know this is a very late response to all of this and Steven Hanna and I broke up like years and years ago so this is not a message to get back at him. I never really looked into any of the website work he did on the internet nor did I even care, but I guess I should have cared since he was using my real name on his site and totally made me out to be this witch as I am not. He told me a while back about the site, and told me that he was only using my photo for the site just to get more people to come to the site. I really had no clue as to what he was trying to accomplish with this site.

Later on down the road he told me to look at the site and he was all excited about all the feedback he kept getting and how much sales and what not he was making, I really didn't care much about it but then when I saw it, I saw that he was using my full name on his website, and that made me very upset. I told him to remove that immediately and I guess thats why there is a screen capture of what the site used to look like right when he first created it and well now many years later the site isnt up anymore, thank god!!!

I saw people's comments about the site, and looking up all this personal information about me and it didn't make me very happy one bit that my ex boyrfriend can cause such a ruckus and make such false information about me on the website just so he could make money. The people who found my myspace site that was the real me. I came across your site just by randomly searching my name in google and that came up, I also noticed all the stupid articles Steve has made about I was in so much shock to see so freakin many of them all over the web. I don't even know how I would even get around to getting all those articles removed.

Steven and I don't even talk anymore and I never will. I just wanted to contact you and let you know the truth about it all even though this is being released years and years later, probably doesn't even matter at this point since the site isn't even up anymore. Please respond back to me and tell me how you fell about all this. Thankyou for your time.

The real Tasha Palladino

Upon a little research (and comparing writing styles between Tasha and "Tasha"), I think I believe Ms. Palladino. In all likelihood, she was unwittingly dragged into this by her now exboyfriend.

So, in the article below, you'll see me refer to "Tasha" -- but who I've really talked to is Steven Hanna.

Here's Mr. Hanna's Facebook page if you're curious.

(Here's a screengrab, as Mr. Hanna seems to have quickly hidden his facebook page).
I don't know when I turned into the "Guy who unmasks Internet Spell Casters" but it's apparently happened. This is my fourth article on the subject, and it may not be my last. In this particular installment, we're going to look at a few different people rather than just focus on one in particular person.

To start with, I thought we'd revisit our old friend Frater Dantalion.

For the most part there's nothing new to report on him that's important. What he has done is begun a bizarre campaign against me on Rip Off Report, claiming that I'm running every spellcasting scam under the sun (except his). This is, of course, ludicrous as I am firmly against online spell casters as I believe that all internet spell casters are scams. The weirdest part of the entire thing is where he claims that I'm behind The funny part about it is that I'm fairly certain it's his own site. The day before he made the accusation, the two were interlinked on their links pages (both singing the praise of the other) and the following delight, directly quoting Dantalion, was on the forum (which you can read my archive of it here if he takes it down).

It should be mentioned that the Google Adsense ads on belong to the account pub-5678371600149373. This is the same Google Adsense id as's advertising. For those who need me to spell it out for them, that means that these two sites are managed by the same people (or at least the exact same people are making money off of them). Add in "Frater Dantalion's" likely connection to, and I think we have a winner. There are likely more sites in his little ring, but sadly none I can directly pin to him at this exact moment. Trust me, there are going to be more, and I honestly wish I had more dirt than that to share with you. This is what I can prove though, and I never go further than that.

I don't have much more to say about Dantalion right now (other than that he's a fruitcake and a scammer), except that it segues into what happened next quite well.

WitchCraftSpellsNow.comOne of the many, many, many places on Rip off Report that Dantalion posted about me was one about (link removed). After that though, Tasha of e-mailed me asking what was going on.

Take a breath and process that. A spell caster was e-mailing me. I seriously want to know where she thought this was a good idea.

Now, I'm naturally a nice guy -- and I was very polite in my response (just explaining the Dantalion situation). But Tasha is a spell caster... one doing so in the name of my religion. So I had to dig... it's in my nature.

Looking at, I found that Tasha claimed to be a practicing Wiccan for over twenty years and that she ran the "Ill-Alli Temple" in Lincoln Park, NJ with her Husband. She also claimed to have two children. The first question I always ask when I start these things crept to mind though: "Is any of this actually true?"

Searching for the supposed "Ill-Alli Temple" I ran across this blog entry (the article itself is in a "Free Article Database" I later found out, and I doubt Tasha has any connection to the blog). This told me that Tasha's name was Tasha Palladino. Of course, if I had bothered to look at the alternate text for the header image on her site I could have figured that out too... but I'm not always the brightest bulb in the bunch. I googled the name and, much to my surprise, discovered it was her actual name.

The first result in my Google search was for a MySpace Group (Archived Copy) for her Photography. That led me to a MySpace page which was labeled as, surprise surprise, Tasha (which is now listed as Ms. T-Boogie). Apparently Tasha is a 24 year old who lives in Totowa, NJ -- which is conveniently right next to Lincoln Park, NJ (the supposed location of the Ill-Alli Temple). For someone claiming to have been practicing Witchcraft for 20 years, that's fairly young. Not to mention, she claims to have two children on, while her MySpace claims she has none... so somewhere she's lying.

My money is the lies are on the Spellcasting website.

But wait, there's more. The e-mail address they're using for Paypal on their site is Some digging for this found the following registration for The site is registered to one Steven Hanna. Going through Tasha's MySpace page quickly finds that, lo and behold, Steve is Tasha's boyfriend. And, obviously, the two of them are also friends on Facebook. Some more digging on Mr. Hanna found an entertaining site (with a very similar design, wouldn't you say), he also own along with, and enjoys playing Soul Calibur.

But really, who doesn't. It's a fun game.

So, in the end, Tasha is really Tasha, but not necessarily the Tasha she told us she was. Her partner is Steve - her boyfriend and not husband. The entire family life was clearly invented to add to her credibility. While it's true that she claims she's been practicing witchcraft since she was a child, I seriously doubt anything a four year old was doing could be considered genuine witchcraft... so 20 years of experience?

I don't think so.

They were surprisingly easy to unmask as well. In truth, I wish all spellcasters made my job this easy, but it does lead to less for me to write about.

And I will remind you that all of this at is done in the name of Wicca -- which frustrates me to no end. A Wiccan won't cast a spell that alters another's will, which Tasha claims to have no problem with. I have no idea how many times I have to say this, but there are no genuine internet spellcasters. They are all scams. Even if the people seem nice, you're being taken for a ride.

I honestly don't know how many times I can say this.

Mini Update: Tasha e-mailed me saying she had posted this (archived copy as original site is gone) in response to this article and events on Rip Off Report. While at this point I don't really believe her, I thought I would at least show you her reaction.

Trae Dorn
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