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Posted: 3/6/2019 9:39
Last Updated: 4/23/2020 15:16

Appendix: Legendary Beasts and the Supernatural

This is a work in progress. Rules may change at any moment, as they are currently incomplete and not necessarily balanced.

Legendary Beasts
One of the challenges of the Fantasy rules is dealing with monsters and creatures that are a bigger than your standard mook.  I mean, most things you encounter should just be Fodder characters -- be they Zombies, Orcs, Spider-Wolves... but sometimes you fight a Dragon. This guide isn't going to create a specific monster for you, but instead give you a framework to create the stats for a Legendary Beast. 

Legendary Beasts play like any other characters -- but have adjusted stats. Build them like a normal character (level 1-5), but instead of 3 or 10 damage points, a Legendary Beast can at least 20 damage. If your characters have been rearchetyped, feel free to up this number to 30 or 40 for funsies. Make it nice and deadly. Give it the same number of sweet move points as your highest level player.

Creating a Basic Legendary Beast
Split 8 points between Fitness and Sweetness, and spend 4 points on Combat Statistics.  The character has the ability of Basic Sweet Move.

Cosmic Horror
A cosmic horror is similar to a Legendary Beast (and uses the same stats) but can do some messed up stuff.

  • Spell Chuck and/or Create Ward (same as player rules)
  • General Sweet Move
  • Altered Reality (Two Sweet Move Points, no Test)
    Altered Reality allows a cosmic horror to transport players in one location to an altered reality. The Horror is present somewhere in said altered reality. The reality itself isn't necessarily inherently dangerous -- it's just OFF somehow. Other creatures may exist in this reality, though they should be restricted to Fodder.

    The more powerful the Horror, the larger the space is.  At level one, the reality is the size of a single room. At level two a large house. At level three a city block. At level four a city. At level five... like a whole world.

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