Episode 2 - Enter NickBee

Last time on The Lost Episodes...

NickBee:  I am NickBee!  And my drones will finish you off.  BumbleCons!  Attack!

A stream of yellow drones enter the room.

Primal:  I recommend running.

Cheetor:  I'm a fan of that!

The Maximals run like Hell

<And now back to our story>

Rattrap returns to Beast mode.

Primal:  He's a car, we're on foot!  There's no way we can outrun him!

Cheetor:  Speak for yourself <Begins to speed up>

Primal: No, if I'm going to die, so are you.

Cheetor:  What are you going to do about it BigBot?

Primal: Stop making you pie.

Cheetor: <Slows down immediately>  I guess we can't outrun them!

Primal:  That's better.

Nightscream:  Then I say we fight!

Rattrap:  Shut up fly... oh wait, that ain't a bad idea.

The Maximals halt their fleeing.

Primal: I am transformed!

Blackarachnia: I am transformed!

Cheetor:  I am transformed!

Nightscream: I am transformed!

Rattrap: Rattrap! Maximize! hehe. <grins>

The BumbleCons return to their Backstreetish look and halt.

NickBee:  Quit playing games, Everybody! (NickBee's back!)

Primal:  I think it's time for a gratuitous fight scene with no risk to killing any major characters!

NickBee:  Shut up Laurence Fishburne, and fight!

Primal: Don't call me Laurence Fishburne!

NickBee: Sorry Buddha Monkey...

Primal:  That's it!  <Primal charges into NickBee throwing him to the ground>

NickBee:  Hey!  Not fair!  You messed up my hair!

Cheetor:  Yeah!  Lets kick the shit out of these guys!

Rattrap:  What?  So you can be the only annoying yellow guy around?

Nightscream: Hey, when Primal charged NickBee he was really pissed off and he didn't go back to Beast mode!

Rattrap:  Shut up flyboy. <Shoots Nightscream in the leg knocking him to the ground>

Blackarachnia:  Hey, I'm going to talk too so people don't forget I'm in this scene!

Primal <who has NickBee in a Headlock>:  Have you guys forgotten that this is a fight scene?

Cheetor:  Oh yeah!  Charge!

The Maximals charge.  We see some cool gratuitous CG clips with Anime style backgrounds and a few Matrix style clips for good measure.

NickBee:  This isn't the last you've seen of me!

Primal: <lifts NickBee up in the air> I know, they haven't even designed your molds yet though! <drop kicks NickBee sending him flying through the air and out of sight>

Primal: That was rather fun.

The surviving BumbleCons look at each other.  Look at the Maximals.  Then look at each other again. They quickly transform back into Volkswagens and drive away rather quickly.

<Back at Meg's House of Evil Tetris Blocks...>

Megatron: Yesssss, I mean No! Dammit No!

NickBee crashes through the ceiling.

Jetstorm:  <enters the room>  Okay, Pokemon is over.  What is it that you wanted me to do earlier?

Megatron: <rolls his eyes> By Cybertron itself, you guys all really suck! Yessss

Thrust: <rolling in> Well, you made us from the Sparks of the Maximals (and Autobots in NickBee's case) which was probably a dumb move....

Megatron: <smacks Thrust, sending him flying across the room> Shut up.  Yesssss

Thrust: <faintly in a daze>  Methos, is that you?

NickBee:  It's not my fault.  You sent me, the new guy, ALONE in against a team of seasoned veterans who have been fighting wars their whole life.  Me?  I'm just used to lip-synching and looking pretty!

Megatron:  Don't make me hurt you N'Sync boy. Yessss

NickBee:  Backstreet Boys, actually.

Megatron:  Whatever. Yessss.   That still does not solve my problem.

Jetstorm:  You just have to ask yourself.  What would Brian Boytano do...

Megatron:  Yesssssss, Brian Boytano..... Yessssssssssssssssssssss...

<The Sewers of Cybertron...>

Cheetor:  So, time to find a new lair.  Better find one better than the old place, it was a real rat hole.

Rattrap:  Hey!  I picked that one out!

Cheetor: Exactly.

Primal: <Angrily> Have you been letting Marv Wolfman write your Dialog again Cheetor!

Cheetor: <shamefully> sorry....

Blackarachnia <In female beast form>: Better than letting Rumiko Takahashi design your character...  I think I see something up ahead!

Nightscream:  What? more sewage?

Rattrap:  Shut up flyboy. <shoots Nightscream in the wing>

Nightscream:  How'd you do that?  You're in Beast mode!

Rattrap:  Trade secret.

Cheetor:  More like a continuity error.

Rattrap:  Shut up, Hot Rod.

Cheetor: I AM NOT HOT ROD!

Cheetor whacks Rattrap over the head.

Primal:  You two, stop it!  Dammit Rattrap, where's the map?

Rattrap:  I gave it to Blackarachnia!

Blackarachnia: But I gave it back to you!

Rattrap:  No you didn't!

Nightscream:  I kicked it in the river.

Rattrap/Blackarachnia/Primal:  What.

Nightscream: <giggling madly> It was useless, so I kicked it in the river.

Blackarachnia:  WHAT THE F***!  ARE YOU F**** ****** *** ****  **** *** **** CRAZY! THE BLAIR MEGATRON IS.... 

Primal: Wait a minute, we didn't have a map.

Rattrap:  Eh, am I goin' nuts? Where did Cheetor disappear to?

Apparently, if the dialog hasn't inferred it, you notice that we haven't seen Cheetor since his last line.

<At Meg's house of hip wing cloaks and affirmatives...>

Megatron: Yessssss.  I have you now Maximals. Yesssssssss

A Viewscreen clearly shows Tankorr sitting on Cheetor's head in a sewer passageway.

Jetstorm: Ingenious!  Hey, NickBee, want to go watch Digimon?  It's like Pokemon, only on FOX!

NickBee:  Yeah, sure.  I don't have anything else to do..

Megatron: EXCUSE ME! But we are in the middle of a plan here!  I have something for you to do! Yessssss...

Jetstorm: Have Thrust do it!

Megatron:  If you haven't noticed, Thrust isn't exactly the most Lucid individual right now <gestures towards Thrust still semiconscious in the corner>

Thrust: <dazed> ...but Amanda..... what would Duncan think.....

NickBee:  Point taken.

Jetstorm: <sigh> So what do you want us to do?

Megatron:  We need to separate and conquer... Yessssss.   NickBee, take out Blackarachnia...

NickBee:  But I thought she was Thrust's girl...

Megatron:  Not that way, you fumbling fuzor of fads!  Take her out of commission! Yesss...

NickBee: Oh.  Sorry.

Megatron:  And Jetstorm, Remove Primal from the food chain... Yesss....

Jetstorm:  What about Rattrap and Nightscream?

Megatron:  They will probably kill each other by the time you're done.

Jetstorm:  Point taken.

NickBee:  Let's rock and roll!

Jetstorm:  You mean 'Let's Mainstream Pop!'

NickBee:  You do realize that you are an incredible bastard.

>To Be Continued

Next Time:
Tankorr:  Tankorr not do hokey pokey!