Episode 4 - There Can Never Be a Title

Last time on The Lost Episodes...

We left Megatron Confusingly Convinced that Blackarachnia was Tarantulas...

Megatron:  You do realize that you are organic, and I never really liked you anyway, so I'm going to have to kill you now.

<And Now, the Grinding... I mean Gripping Finale to "Changes">

A shot sweeps up from Blackarachnia (in Tarantulas form) and Megatron to the top of the Citadel (That's right, I called it the Citadel.  That's a rarity, and if there was a Lost Episodes Drinking game, you'd probably get five drinks for that one) to Rattrap (in beast mode) slowly crawling down the robotic arm/cabling that supports Megatron.

Rattrap:  Eh, Beats hanging around Nightscream.

Shot Changes to Nightscream flying Cheetor into an upper area of the Citadel

Nightscream:  I don't understand why we're going through all this trouble.  There is only one Vehicon around...

Cheetor: Yeah, where are those guys?

<At the Sewer opening from Episode 3>

NickBee:  So, that's when I entered the room, and I was like holy shit man!

Jetstorm:  Then what happened?

Tankorr:  Yeah, what events transpired... I mean, Tankorr NEED KNOW!

NickBee:  Well, I was like, "Hey Britney, get down on you...

<Back to Cheetor and Nightscream>

Nightscream:  And the Vehicon who is here is Thrust, and we all know that's Silverbolt according to Blackarachnia.

Cheetor: Hey, wouldn't it be Funny if something hideously ironic happened, and it turned out that Thrust was really Waspinator or something?

Nightscream:  Naw.. Something like that would never happen...

<We see Optimus, in Beast mode, warming up Boxing style>

Primal: Big Monkey Gonna kick some tail...

<Back on the Main floor of Meg's International House of Problems>

Megatron:  No, I'm sure.  I still want to kill you.

Blackarachnia: Dammit!

Megatron:  Sorry about that.  Yessssssss....

Blackarachnia:  Well - oddly enough - That's what I expected.

Megatron:  Really?  It's not what I had.  Yessssss....

Thrust:  Am I missing something here?

Bob Skir/Drone:  Just sit back down Thrust.

Thrust:  Okay.

Blackarachnia:  In any case,  NOW!

Megatron:  What?

BS/D: Excuse me as I take shelter.

We zoom in on Rattrap transforming and shooting one of the cables hooked up to Megatron's head. Megatron screams in pain, and grasps his hands to the sides of his head. Cheetor flips out of some above the door area of the Citadel with Nightscream right behind him.

Cheetor: I am transformed! <Dives at Thrust with Nightscream right behind him>

Thrust: Eep!

Primal: <Charges through the front door> Big Monkey says "Dragon go down!"

Megatron:  This is not good.  Yesssss...

Primal:  No shit. <Thumbs his nose> Time to kick some ass. I am transformed!

Megatron:  Oh, you want some of this, Laurence Fishbot!

Primal:  Don't call me that!

Megatron:  Or do you prefer, oh I love this one, Buddha Monkey?

Primal: That was your mistake Megatron....

Megatron:  What?

Primal:  The Fanfic writer already established that I can retain my robot mode when someone calls me Buddha Monkey, no matter how mad I get...

Megatron: Bob Skir, is this true?

BS/D: <From Corner>  Don't ask me!  I'm just his incarnation of the real Beast Machines writer, you're the in Lost Episodes.

Megatron:  Ah.  Fanfic Writer!

Traegorn RavenHawk: That's Mr. Fanfic writer!

Megatron: Whatever.  Did you really establish that?

TRH:  Yeah.  I thought it was funny. Meh.

Megatron:  Shit.

TRH:  Indeed.

Primal: Ahem! 

Megatron:  Oh yeah. Sorry.

Primal:  <Dives at Megatron>

Megatron: <reverts to Beast mode>  Ahh!

Primal: <starts the beat down>

Megatron:  That's it!  Everybody out! <He marches towards the door, even with Primal hanging on to him.  Megatron throws Primal off of him, and shoves Primal, Cheetor, Nightscream, Blackarachnia, Rattrap, Bob Skir, and Thrust outside of the Citadel>

Megatron:  I think I want to be alone <sniff>

<Back at the Manhole of Doom, supposed new Vehicon spare time hangout>

Tankorr: I must depart... I mean..... Tankorr LEAVE!

NickBee:  You do that.

Tankorr rumbles down the sewer tunnel.

Jetstorm:  Did he seem different to you?

NickBee:  No.  Why?

<Somewhere else in the sewers>

Primal:  We'll set up camp here.  I need some time alone.

Cheetor:  Commune with the oracle?

Primal: Something like that. <saunters off>

<Several minutes later>

Primal turn a corner..

Primal:  Tankorr! <Takes a defensive stance>

Tankorr:  Not Quite Optimus, not quite.

Primal:  Rhynox?  Is that really you???

Tankorr: <Turns his head>...

Primal:  This is wonderful!  Megatron looses one of his Generals, and we get you ba..

Tankorr: <Cutting off Primal> <sadly> Not quite Optimus.

Primal: ....

Tankorr:  On Earth, this whole Organics thing was fine.  It was survival, but here, HERE, this is Cybertron!  Cybertron was meant to be technologically pure.  You are polluting it.

Primal:  Are you siding with Megatron!  That criminal!

Tankorr:  Optimus, I see two sides here.  I see You, someone I respect more than anyone, fighting for a cause I can't believe in, and I see Megatron.  Someone I hate, who is defending something I hold dearer than anything in the world.  MY world.  Cybertron.  I don't want to take his side, but I have to.

Primal:  If that is your decision...

Tankorr:  It is. <Turns around> <Turns his head back> Optimus.

Primal: <looks up>

Tankorr:  Next time we meet, we will not be allies.

Primal:  I know, Rhynox, I know.

<Fade to black>


Rattrap:  Eh, what did we learn today Nightscream?

Nightscream:  We can go through an entire Lost Episode without shooting me?

Rattrap:  Nope. <Shoots Nightscream>

The End