Episode 9c/11 - Denial and Trial

Thrust slowly putters down a random dark alley

Thrust: damn it damn it damn it


Blackarachnia is flinging ooze around and NickBee appears to be liking it too much.

NickBee: Shut up you >hic<


NickBee:  What's that Mr. Fanfic writin' narrator man?  You dissin' me?

>Smack<  You're NickBee, not Benny.

NickBee: <Dizzy and lying on the ground> Sorry...

Anywho...  Thrust slowly gets up.

Thrust: Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzpinator no like gooey green ick..

Jetstorm:  Avast! Foul evil of the...  Oh heck, does anyone care what I'm saying?  I mean, this is a useless flashback establishing me as Silverbolt....

Thrust: Noooo! Flashback is for Wazzzzzpinator!!  Stupid Doggie-bot not even in scene before flashback.

Jetstorm:  Blackarachnia... hold me.

Blackarachnia: I'm not even in this scene!


Thrust: Damn damn damn... I am not him!  I refuse to be him!  Primus-dammit!  <Screaming at sky>  Why couldn't you let me die! 

Thrust begins to shoot things.

Thrust:  Him!  That pest!  That FREAK!  Why resurrect him!  Why make me live as him!  Damn you Megatron!  You have an entire planet's worth of sparks and you had to choose ME. 

<Somewhere else>

Primal:  <posing in front of mirror> Not yo' daddy's Buddha monkey!

Primal takes another pose.

Primal: Vogue!

Thrust's screams and shots are heard...

Primal:  Well, that's just... prime!

A collective gasp is heard from the viewers as they realize how infrequently they hear what was once a very popular catch phrase.

Jetstorm: Say...what?

You heard me.

Jetstorm: Say...what?

I already said it.

Jetstorm: Say...what?

Shut up you.

Jetstorm: Say...what?


Jetstorm: ?tahw...yaS

STOP IT!  You aren't even in this scene!

Jetstorm:  <Flys in and shoots at Primal> Am now! 

Primal:  Ack!  I am transformed!

Jetstorm: Well, looks like Buddha Monkey  has gotten ready to put up a fight!

Primal: Shut. Up. <Shoots Nightscream>

<Somewhere else>

Nightscream:  Oww! How did he?  He's not, but I thought...

Rattrap: Coooool.

<back to Primal>

Primal:  What part of "I'm indoors and on the second story of a building with big windows made of glass" did the Fanfic writer leave out?

Jetstorm: <In a headlock, thanks to Laurence Fishbot> Oh, <gasp> I think all of it.

Primal: Ok. 

Primal throws Jetstorm out the window, but ends up crashing through it too.  They dramatically fall <Insert Commercial Break> and Primal lands on top of Jetstorm...

Thrust: One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do. Two can be as bad as one.  It's the loneliest number since the number o..... What the?

Primal: Hello. <Continues to pummel Jetstorm>

Thrust: What are you doing?

Primal: Pummeling Jetstorm.

Thrust: Ok.

Primal: By the way, which one of you is Silverbolt?

Thrust: <Points to Jetstorm>

Primal: Good to know <continues to pummel Jetstorm>

Jetstorm: Some...help...here...

Thrust: <Reluctantly> I guess.... <Gets up>

Rattrap: <Over comm unit> Rattrap to Optimus!  Uhh... I kind of hurt Nightscream.... 

Primal: I can't DEAL with that now! 

Rattrap: What are you? Ultra Magnus? 

Primal: Uhh, I mean, There's no TIME for that! 

Rattrap: Better.  

Primal: Thanks! <Continues to Pummel Jetstorm>

Thrust: Hey, Primal.

Primal: What? <Looks over to him>

Thrust: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrn <Fires guns>

Jetstorm: No no no, you're the *other* annoying flying insect from Beast Wars.

Thrust: Oh, thanks.

Primal: <Smacks Thrust> Go away, manic depressive drone general boy.

Jetstorm & Thrust: Drones?

Primal: ...

Thrust: Dude, we have drones!

Jetstorm: Hey!  You're right!

Suddenly a bunch of Drones appear.

Primal: Shit... <Runs!>

Jetstorm: This is so cool!  It's like the first episode all over again!

Thrust:  Yeah, only we aren't sparks in the floor!

NickBee: <drives up along Thrust> This a private party, or can anyone join in?

Jetstorm: Actually, I gotta go set up a tape for Pokemon, so you take over NickBee! <Jetstorm flies off, taking a turn near the river....>

NickBee:  This is fun!

<Three hours later>

NickBee: That is one fast monkey!

Thrust: Yeah!

Primal: <to himself> just keep telling yourself... starscream is behind you...

Starscream: I AM NOT GAY!



Orange: I AM NOT TRH!


Yes, you are, kinda.

Phil: Shut up you.


Primal: Getting tired....

Crawley: I am livin' in a material world, and I am a... Whoa! Is that BumbleBee with Thrust chasing Primal?

Geever: No, it can't be.  BumbleBee was G1, and this is Beast Machines -- long after everyone from G1 was dead.

Crawley: But Rattrap knew Arcee...

Geever:  Oh go make your toys perform sex acts.

Crawley: Ever feel like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

Geever:  Who?

Everyone whooshed by.

Crawley: Dude, I still say those drones looked like BumbleBee...

Geever: Have you been reading bad fanfics again?


Bob Skir/Drone: Umm, Mr. Ravenhawk?

Traegorn RavenHawk: Yeah?

BS/D: You've painted yourself into a corner here, huh.  No idea how to end this in time for Episode 9D/12 and such.

TRH: Your point?

BS/D: Well, how do you plan on resolving this?

TRH: Resolve?

BS/D: Yes.

TRH: Oh, well, I thought I throw in a Dues ex machina...

Machina: Hey!

TRH: Quiet!  As I was saying, and just pretty much let the pieces fall where they may.

BS/D: How?

TRH: Like this....

Suddenly everyone becomes friends.

Jetstorm: I taped Pokemon!

Everyone (except Primal, who has left): Yay!

The End