Traegorn commented...
10/29/2007 - 15:29
I'm actually kind of excited to see what Topher will come up with for his edit.
Scrotorius commented...
10/30/2007 - 1:16
I'd like to let you all know that I'm definitely taking a different angle on my edit.

Think "awkward and disturbing, but still silly".

And, Trae, if you could give me the other footage, that would be awesome.
Kellin commented...
10/30/2007 - 11:23
That was amazing, and I kind of wish me and my friends did crazy crap like this.
Traegorn commented...
10/30/2007 - 12:32
Y'know, they have grocery stores and drunks in Milwaukee too, Kellin. :P
pinky commented...
2/4/2008 - 17:07
when i first saw jesus, i thought hey awesome costume. then i saw him bring his cigarette up into the frame... and i laughed hysterically.