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In response to allegations from Trae Dorn and Frater Dantalion


Recently many of my clients have brought to my attention the Rip Off Reports posted about this site. Recently, more allegations have arrised from an owner of a blog that is dedicated to exposing scam spell casting sites. This page is here as my response to these claims. First let me start with the Rip Off Reports.


On October 21st, the following Rip Off Report was posted:


It accuses me of having scammed someone named Meg from Illinois by taking her money and not responding to any emails thereafter. First of all, I have never had a client named Meg from Illinois and as many of you know that have used my services, I always respond to any emails sent to me, both before and after purchase. I know this claim is fake. Thankfully, many of my clients have come to my rescue and posted true positive testimonials defending me of such accusations.

Here is where a man named Frater Dantalion comes in. He is a rival spell casting site that is bent on tarnishing my name to stimulate business at his own website. He thinks I am man named Trae Dorn who owns a whole slue of spell casting sites (the list basically lists every spell casting site that is not his. Trae Dorn is a real person who owns a blog which is determined on exposing fake spell casting sites. He has a very rigid stance on Wicca and offering spells as a paid service.

Frater himself has endless RipOffReports from his customers claiming that he has scammed them for thousands of dollars. If you read his RipOffReports, as well as mine, you will see him stumbling over his own claims and providing no real proof to any accusations. In the two years this website has been up, not ONE RipOffReport has ever been posted about me. Now all of a sudden after all these years, a whole mess of them appear. That does not seem very logical. After that main RipOffReport about my service emerged, many more followed, undoubtedly the work of Frater.

Frater and Trae Dorn have also had their fair share of complications, which can be read here: http://www.trhonline.com/article.pl?1223311810. If you notice how Frater writes, is very similar to the way all of the complaints were written. Frater writes by seperating each though by a line, and not really using paragraphs, kind of like this:


Tasha is a scam.

Tasha is Trae Dorn, he runs a whole mess of scam websites. Do not believe him.

All tasha wants to do is take your money and run, she is the biggest scam on the net.


Note all the posting from Frater follow the same pattern, as well as the emails sent to Trae Dorn from him. Hence, this leads me to believe all the complaints were written by Frater.

This site has never scammed one individual. Have people asked for refunds? Of course, and I gladly complied and gave them the refund. Anyone who knows about spell casting knows it is not a science. You cannot get results 100% of the time. Hence, one of the main reasons why the refund policy is in place. The accusations on this site are false, it is as simple as that. For anyone who still thinks I am scam, I am going to post some useful information for you.

PayPal, the service I use to process payments on this website, has many guidelines for frauds and scams. My account has been in good standing for over 8 years. However, I want to ease all of your worries just a bit more. PayPal has a claims department. After payment, if you do not receive the services you paid for, you may log into your PayPal account and file a claim. PayPal will then contact me for my response. If I am a scam, what response could I possibly give? Hence PayPal will then find your claim valid and reimburse you your full payment. As a matter of fact, on some types of claims, PayPal penalizes me 10% of the payment. So there you go, it's that simple. You pay, I don't respond, you contact PayPal and get your money back. More on the Buyer Complaint Process can be viewed here: http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/buyer-complaint-outside.



Trae Dorn is a man who owns a well known blog that aims to expose many of the scam witchcraft spell sites out there. I will not deny this, I am well aware of the immense amounts of scam sites out there that offer similar services as mine. He recently posted an article "exposing" me as a scam. You are free to view this article here: http://www.trhonline.com/article.pl?1224610404

To sum up some of the points of the article. He says that this site is run by a woman named Tasha Palladino, who is 24 and currently lives in Totowa. Her boyfriend, Steven Hanna currently is involved with the "scam" as well. While I can understand how easily it is to assume this site is a scam after reading that article, let me give you some more information.



Tasha Palladino, the 24 year old, is in fact a real person. Yes, I do know her. She is my niece. You might have noticed the resemblance I am sure. She does share the same name as me. It is not uncommon in the Italian heritage to name children after aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Hence why she shares the same name as me.



Steven is in fact Tasha's boyfriend. I know him personally as well and he is a very good friend of the family. He is a freelance web designer and has several websites and projects running under his name. When the idea came up of me casting spells for others on the internet, naturally the question of who was going to design the website came up to. He was the first person I turned to and did he designed this website. The design is very similar to that of his other websites. My husband oversaw and guided some of the design of the website. And before you start to think, well if you are married, then Palladino cannot be your last name because you would have taken on your husband's last name who is not a blood relative of Tasha the 24 year old, so therefore, she cannot be related to you -- Palladino is my maiden name. I am not going to reveal my name by marriage. Although I may put on a good front to my visitors, I am not very computer savvy. My husband showed me how to use the email program to answer emails and that is about it. Steven handles all of the payments for the website, hence, why the PayPal account is under his email.



Well, naturally when Trae posted his entry, people started harassing them both on their MySpaces. They had to turn them to private out of pure fear. I ask everyone to PLEASE not contact them, but rather to contact me at tasha@witchcraftspellsnow.com. They are both very shook up by this and think that people are out to get them now. As a matter of fact Steven has expressed that he no longer wants to have his PayPal linked with the site. We are currently trying to work out a solution for that.



Actually that had nothing to do with Trae Dorn's posting. If you check the records of when the picture was changed, it was changed on October 17,2008. Trae's article was posted October 21,2008. It was simply just a change to change and nothing more.



Please please, I expected this kind of criticism, however, Paganism is what we make of it. Like any religion there are rules in place, however, after weighing everything, I feel I am not breaking any. Many pagans believe this is wrong. I personally have weighed it out and see nothing in offering services. Think about it. Most of you have jobs, what are you offering? A service. You get paid to offer that service to someone. Why you though? Well, because you know a trade that your employer needs you to know, to complete a task, to get paid. What do you use the money for? To support yourself.

At $30 a pop I am barely trying to "make it rich on a scam". Run a search for spell casting on the internet and see some of the insane prices other people charge, I am justified in offering the services for much more. However, this site is geared to those who cannot do it themselves. Some people do ask me for help on how to cast spells themselves, and I always point them in the right direction. However, some people just do not want to learn and would rather have someone more experienced cast it for them. I ask for money due to the cost of supplies and not to mention it does cost money to keep the site up. Web design costs money, hosting, etc..

You say it doesn't work at all, well anyone into witchcraft knows that nothing never works, and nothing works always. It depends on the will and mood of the ritual as well as the target and the person performing the rite. I have taken a very philosophical approach, and have found that I am justified in having a site such as this. Paganism is formless, so to tell someone that what they are doing is futile, wrong, or unworthy is hypocritical. I appreciate your feedback and I do not mind people responding and giving their opinion so long as they do it in a polite. recommending. and helpful way.



To be honest, probably not. If you still don't buy what I am telling you, then simply do not order a service from me. This is how it is. If my niece really wanted to run a scam site, do you think she would use her real name? Why not play it safe and make up some name like the many other scam sites do? Even after the accusations fly, why not shut down the website and open a new one? Why would my niece not lie about her real name, yet lie about the town she lives in? Why have there been no rip off reports posted about me at all in the last two years up until last week? Why would I post instructions on how to get your money back if I do not respond after you order? Why would I be stupid enough to willingly and unnecessarily contact a man who's trademark is exposing scam witchcraft sites? It is all simple, it is because this is a REAL service and NOT A SCAM.



As you can imagine, Steven is very shook up by this. He is still young and out of no where he is getting tons of hate mail and threats on his Gmail account. Not to mentioned, Trae posted a link to his personal home address on his blog, that doesn't really make him feel any more comfortable. Steven has expressed that he no longer wants to work on this site, and I don't blame him. However, he takes care of the payments, advertising and any updates to the site that are needed. I am trying to convince him to stay and to be honest, it all really depends on the public's response to this. If the threats continue and people still continue to believe that this is a scam site, then I will have no choice but to try to find someone else to work on it or shut it down. However, as for now, it is open for business and there are no plans of shutting it down.



So that is my response. I don't expect everyone to believe this. Being an online spell caster, I am in the dog house from day one. I always face speculation and suspicion constantly. Some people just cannot be convinced this is real, no matter what. It is really simple, if you don't believe me, do not purchase a service. I am not forcing my service on anyone. I am not angry at Trae, I can understand how the information he dug up can suggest a scam. I respect what Trae is doing, I agree, there are an immense amount of scam sites out there that provide spell casting service. I feel this whole situation was just a case of friendly fire.

Anyone, including Trae (not so much Frater) is welcome to contact me to discuss anything I have posted here.




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