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NoBrandCon 2002
When: April 5th, 6th 2002
Where: Eau Claire, WI
What: No Brand Con is an Anime and Sci-fi convention held at UW Eau Claire. 

Ah yes, the NoBrandCon Vendor room.

Winchester manning Roach's booth.

Faery, showing off a pair of wings.  HDeskS holds a radio.

HDeskS is very excited about the radio.

Topher's shoulder, as he talks with Ed Pope (the guy with the mohawk)

Roach, behind his own booth... wearing a musketeer hat.

TheOrange, attempting to dance, while HDeskS looks at the cieling, and Meep looks like a deer caught in headlights.

TRHCommunity's own DavidR and NBCon Guest Dan Phillips host what was a very sad Comics panel. 

Faery and Winchester chilling in the No Mercy Room... with some guy in a hat whose name I forget.

No Mercy Room again, but this time with me (Trae) in the shot (standing).  And some guy in the foreground who was attending the con... and that guy in the hat again.

Me (Trae) looking like a goon outside of the No Mercy Room.

TheOrange and DavidR taking NBCon guest Tiffany Grant to dinner.  She's the head of hair just past Orange's shoulder.

Faery and Winchester sword fighting.

TheOrange and Derek mid-sword fight.

TheOrange and Vinnk at a photo-booth after very little sleep, dropping off NBCon guest Tiffany Grant at the airport


Community Comments:
3:22pm 04/09/02
From: Traegorn
Message: Hey, you can leave a comment about NoBrandCon 2002 in this field by just sending a message to the TRHMessenger User NoBrandCon2002!
5:32pm 04/09/02
From: Traegorn
Message: What I think is funny is that more people showed up for my crappy "Anatomy of a Hoax" presentation than the much touted "Comics Panel".
6:07pm 04/09/02
From: Vinnk
6:20pm 04/09/02
From: Faery
Message: Hehehe...seems like you guys capture the fun at NBC very well in these photos...!

Remind me to challenge whomever took the swordfighting picture to a duel later.

Hun, ya don't look like a goon. (Note that that is the photo mom is going to print off and show to everyone...join the club!)

My little sis says (after seeing the pic of Derek in the hat) "Derek seems to have potential cuteness." (Wonder if she'll hit me for posting that?)

She also says "Holy shit! Ed looks scary!" (She also says that TheOrange looks kinda like Foss from the side.)

Overall, I'd say we're a cute (even if semi-dysfunctional) group. And sis says she wants to meet you all!
10:42pm 04/09/02
From: TheOrange
Message: I'm the dork with the big nose and fuzzy hair. "Frizz control" my ass. In that last picture of me and Vinkk there was supposed to be some sort of space theme over it, or something. There were also supposed to be three other pictures, but I guess without the themes overlapping them they really don't make any sense. Meh. Oh, and I'd like to thank Ms. Grant for putting up with David Recine with the grace of and angel and the patience of a saint. That is all.
8:25am 04/10/02
From: Rhi
Message: What I find amusing is the fact that all 15 year-old girls see that in Derek at some point.
8:27am 04/10/02
From: Rhi
Message: Seeing these pictures makes me er...wish I was there...except I was at a goth club with hot females from Smith and talking about the VSD and Lunch Money with said woman group.
12:19am 04/30/02
From: Traegorn
Message: Just a quick note, that since Help Desk Sean has passed... these pictures have become much more poignent to me... Man, do I miss that guy...

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