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Posted: 5/13/2006 21:56
Last Updated: 3/19/2012 9:24
Not a Japanese Girl

Starring Trae, Neil, Kitty, Vinnk, Topher, DuctTapeBoy

Run Time: ~4.5 minutes
Description: So, during the talent show at NoBrandCon 2006 Vinnk, Peso, Neil and I did a little dance to the J-Pop song "Japanese Girl" by Hitomi. Inspired by this moment, Neil and I went out, shot some more footage, and came up with this.

The layers of J-pop references are pretty steep in this. The video itself is a spoof of various shots from the Hitomi music video, with brief moments spoofing the Hal Cali "Strawberry Chips (Remix)" video... and of course Vinnk back in his Mini Moni costume that we had seen earlier in "What the Heck is Wrong With Vinnk."

The music is (of course) "Japanese Girl" by Hitomi

Trae Dorn
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