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Posted: 10/30/2008 18:25
Last Updated: 4/22/2011 11:32
Lt. Snorkel - R.O.T.B. (LP)

Released 10/30/2008
  1. Priceless Too
  2. Staff Meeting (Not Purple)
  3. A Happy Song (For the Blue Yarn Kid)
  4. Somewhat Serious Example
  5. New Horizon
  6. Simple Movement
  7. Thank You Wilhelm
  8. Sky Robot 2.0 (BOB and GIANT ROBOT)
  9. Slice and Dice
  10. Progress Report
Content Copyright 2008 Trae Dorn, All Rights Reserved. This music is released for Personal Use Only, and Permission must be Obtained for Commercial Use.

The First Lt. Snorkel CD, R.O.T.B. (aka "Revenge of the Biblioteca") is now available as a FREE Download. Marvel in the bizarre techno inspired electro pop fantasy that is the Lt. Snorkel experience... or something. Also, like I said before, totally free. That means it's cheaper than food.

Look it up.

Will there be a physical version of this album? Possibly. In the future. With bonus tracks. Or Something.

All performances by Lt. Snorkel (Trae Dorn) with the exception of the Guitar on Tracks 1 and 3 by Matt Biedermann, and Vocal samples in Tracks 2 (provided by The Chief, RPN, Topher) and 7 (Wilhelm Scream).

Trae Dorn
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