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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
Panasonic REAL FZ-1 3DO
Back of the Box
Front of the Box
Front, Drawer Closed
Front, Drawer Open
Back of Unit
Controller, Bottom
Controller, Face
Controller, Top
It's all about the Shodown, baby.  Gotta love SNK
The 3DO always seemed neat to me.  I remember playing Samurai Shodown at my friend Jesse Haag's house when I was younger, and always dreamt of owning my own.  In September of 2001, I was lucky enough to stumble across a complete system at Toyriffic, a local used video game store about a block from my house.  It was a package deal for the complete system, a second controller, and six games.  $60 was a steep price tag, but since it held such nostalgia... I was willing to dish it out.  After looking on eBay, I felt a bit better.  I didn't get a deal, but I didn't get ripped off.

It's a huge system, with a cooling fan you can really hear.  One of the neatest things about this system is that you actually connect the controllers to each other, instead of directly into the unit.  It allows large four player games like Zhadnost to be played without a multitap.  Another neat thing about the FZ-1 in particular is that the controllers have a headphone jack built right in.  This is a feature that isn't included in any other model 3DO controller (although you can still link other 3DO controllers to the unit*).   Released in Spring of '94 at a price of $699.95, the FZ-1 was the first unit produced meeting the 3DO company's standards.  It was soon followed by Goldstar's unit.   Panasonic eventually replaced the FZ-1 with the more compact, cheaper, and top loading FZ-10.

* - Never link a GOLDSTAR 3DO controller to a Panasonic machine.  Supposedly it's compatable, but last time I saw someone do that, it eventually fried the Panasonic controller it was attached to.  I fear for what could have happened it were the first in the daisy chain.

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