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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
Macintosh Plus 1Mb
Front of Unit
Rear of Unit
Close up of Ports
Umm...yeah... it's a Mac... WHAT'S IT TO YOU?!?!
This was given to me by David Recine of Fanboy infamy.  Not really operational right now, as far as I can tell.  All that happens when you try to boot is is the little smily Mac logo shows up.... and nothing else.  I plan on taking a look at this puppy as soon as I have the time... and I've been saying that since It was given to me several months ago.  Hey, at least it's in the store room now instead of my bedroom floor.  That's got to count for something. I also have a hard drive for this puppy.

The MacPlus 1Mb came out in 1986, and runs a 68000 processor at 8 Megahertz.  The RAM, of course, is One Megabyte (hence the name).  The MacPlus was also the first computer to use SCSI - which knocked the sock off of the older serial connection drives from the era. 

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