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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
Commodore Vic-20
Front of Unit
Rear of Unit
Side Ports
She's a beauty... and a b****...
Vicky is the classic Commodore Vic-20.  She came into my hands a few years ago, during my quest for a Commodore 64 (I'm still looking for a free one, by the way).  My friend Steve gave me this puppy, along with the power supply, and video out equipment.  Sadly, she doesn't work.  While the LED goes on, no signal goes to the screen.  Whether this is due to a faulty machine or a faulty cable... I don't know.  She's also sustained a little bit of damage from the last time I moved.  The British Pound key has broken off, and the silver "Vic-20" label has also come unglued.

The Vic-20 premiered in June of 1980.  It was one of the first affordable home computers, but had only 3.5 Kb of user memory, and a 176 by 184 effective resolution display.  It was replaced by Commodore's vastly more popular Commodore 64 (which bears an almost identical appearance). 

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