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The Earl McCoy Show

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The Earl McCoy Show may contain content not appropriate for younger listeners. Don't let the kids listen to this, and if you're at work... for pete's sake put some headphones on - but not gigantic ones
Welcome to "The Earl McCoy Show!" It's a semi-irregular Podcast of Awesomeness that in no way features anyone with a name resembling Earl McCoy!

Starring Trae Dorn, "Tall" Katie Hatheway, and Matt "Biedermann" Biedermann, we take you on a journey into the strange, the geeky, and even occasionally semi-socially relevant.

Recorded live at the illustrious Chadatorium in Eau Claire, WI in front of a Bored Studio Audience, our humor may or may not be exactly what you need to fill your otherwise dull, boring life.

We want to know what you think though, so email us at
The Earl McCoy Show

The Earl McCoy Show Episode 1
The Earl McCoy Show Episode 1In the first episode of this fun yet bizarre experiment of a podcast, your hosts Trae, Katie and Matt talk about bad movie reviewers, the creative vision of jerks, strange things people searched on Google and found, someone accidentally calling their friend Kivar's phone looking for a sex worker, the Dollar Dance at Weddings, Army of Darkness, and Langland's twitter account.

Trae Dorn
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