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3 July 2001 : "Strider T." seems to like Shaq Fu... or does he...

This isn't a rant on SHAQ-FU but rather how much I loved it! The day before it was released at the local ToysR US me and some of my friends camped outside in hopes to get copies and it was a success! At 9 am the store opened, at 9:05 I bought the game. By 9:15 I was at home playing the on my Sega Genesis. It was just amazing! The characters were so creative, the fighting was innovative and thought provocating, and the music kicked ass. Speaking of which it also came with a music CD, which I still blast on my ps2 to this very day. It's also very hard to learn! It's the single most complex fighting game ever, doing anything above a 3 hit combo requires months of finely honed skills and doing an infinite takes years of Zen like practice. The storyline was no slouch either I mean c'mon people! It's about time someone made a game about a basketball player who visits a small shop in Japan, gets transported to another world where he fights a red monster, sexy cat women, and undead mummies. Plus the story is just oozing with depth and plot twists: I was shocked as hell to learn that Voodoo is really Mephis' daughter!

I could go and on and on talking about the brilliance of this game, but I shall end it here. Thanks for reading my 'anti' rant on this gem of a game. If were lucky EA may even give us a ps2 sequel!

ps: I'm not being sarcastic

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qwerty commented that...
fuck your anti rant mutha fucker !!!!!!this game suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Strider T commented that...
qwerty is obviously a Kobe Bryant fan who is upset that Shaq gets to star in better games than "Courtside" on N64.
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