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This section is filled with terrible DOS software that I either made or contributed to over the years. Most of my old files were lost, so it's a miracle that any of these things survived...
Ascender is a top to bottom scrolling shooter. What makes it different than most? Well its graphics are entirely composed of Text characters. Why? Because I'm weird and I like that. It's old school arcade action. Requires DOS 3.0 or higher.

What has also been released is "LeaderBoard for Ascender," a program designed to send your highscores to the webserver - so you can compete for the best Ascender Score out there period. For Internet High Score features you need to be running at least Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

The programs are seperate during the Beta Period; however, in the final release the two programs will be merged.

Download Ascender Beta
Download LeaderBoard for Ascender v1.0
Ascender High Scores:
1. TRH - 976
2. ABC - 976
3. DEF - 976
4. GHI - 976
5. HIJ - 976

Antarctic Blaze was not written by me, I want to make that clear. Nor do I support it - I want to make that clear as well... so if it crashes your machine, well, that's your fault. What it is, really, is a simple Arcade style game written by Jesse Haag back in the day when we ran a bizarre little Qbasic/QuickBasic software company called "Turbo Systems Software" (not to be confused with Turbo Systems Co.) What happened back then was, honestly, I was the only person with a legal copy of QuickBasic 4.5 - so I did the final compiling and debugging of all of our official releases.

I also wrote atrocious midi files - which thanks to Windows XP/2000's crappy DOS emulation you don't have to hear while playing.

The game itself is good though, and as Jesse asked me to put this online, I figured "what the heck!" I've also included the original QBasic Source code, so you can see how amateurish we really were back in the day. And as much as this program claims to be Shareware, there was never a more advanced version written.

Download Antarctic Blaze
Antarctic Blaze

InputGUIDO was my last gasp at trying to do something useful with QBasic. It's a mouse based GUI I was writing for DOS computers. Partly it was to see if I could make an old 8088 computer I had sitting around useful in any way, and partly it was an attempt to do something completely and utterly futile. The InputGUIDO project was an expansion of one of my earliest QBasic projects that I just kept adding crap onto. It's a functional Alpha in the form online, but I'll never, ever get around to finishing it as the only harddrive I had with a copy of QB 4.5 on it died a painful death a few years back

Go to the InputGUIDO Page

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