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The Archive Project was a website set up by a group of friends of mine (Peso, Neil, Vinnk, and several others) to feature their videos. It was before the advent of Youtube though, so many of those videos disappeared from the internet when their site disappeared.

Thanks to the help of Real Steve saving most of the files though, this is an archive that's been created to showcase their comedic glory. Sadly, one video we didn't save was the original Squashing of America -- a series of films that actually continued onto this site.

Note: A Couple of Films Have Fubared Audio (The Grisaffi Files, Toph Mix) - I'm trying to find good versions to replace them with

1337band - Live in August 2009
1337band - Live in August 2009Not as big as their show last year but 1337band was invited to perform for a crowd of about 130 in Yufuin City, Oita Prefecture. Joining the usual lineup of Vinnk and Peso was BassMeister W on.. well.. bass.

They did 4 songs total. The songs "Benjoy!" and "Meat Meat" were not recorded but they do have this cell phone recording of the second 2 songs, "Koushuudenwa" and "Yufuin' Around". Both found on the "Chu! Natsu Summer 2009" CD. They also gave out copies of the CD during the show and after. The sound quality is bad (not that the songs were wonderful to begin with) but the video turned out surprising well for a cell phone.
Dummers Club: The Maze Dub
Dummers Club: The Maze DubYou wanted it, so you got it. The Maze dub, the most popular of the three fandubs by's "Dummers Club" is now viewable in all its terrible glory. Featuring the voices of Vinnk, Neil and Peso as every single character (and one character who at any given time is the voice of one of the three) the Maze dub is a comedic redub of an episode of the anime series Maze.

Some of the jokes are hit or miss (the "Y HALO THAR..." in the beginning is only forgivable because it was 2004) but overall, you'll find yourself demanding that you did not eat that delicious man and doing your best Pumpkinman impersonations. The end theme is also the first recorded 1337band song ever released.
Neil for Bitch
Neil for BitchOA, an organization most of my friends belong to, used to elect a club "bitch" every semester. Neil decided that he wanted to be Bitch, so with Peso, Thor, Cheryl and Vinnk he made this campaign video. This is probably the most well known 1337porn video, and ironically (and contrary to what many people think) Neil did NOT win that election.

Kurt became club bitch that year.
The Grisaffi Files (Troublemakers)
The Grisaffi Files (Troublemakers)At No Brand Con many years ago, the 1337porn guys got together with Joe Grisaffi and produced a one off version of Grisaffi's "Troublemakers" with hilarious results. It stars Vinnk, Peso, Neil and Topher and is filmed by Joe Grisaffi.
Ben vs. The Cheese
Ben vs. The CheeseBen vs. the Cheese tells the story of Ben versus... a block of cheese. Ben declared that he could easily eat a pound of cheese, and Neil and Peso didn't believe him.

So they put Ben to the test, and pitted him against his favorite food.
Eat Man
Eat ManOriginally produced for TV10 (UWEC's student TV station), this is the oldest video to be labeled as "1337porn's" even though it was made years prior to 1337porn's advent. You can tell how old it is since it's before Topher lost all the weight... and back when he had green hair.
Joo-On (Long Cut)
Joo-On (Long Cut)Before it was remade in America as "The Grudge," 1337porn decided to make their own American version of the classic Japanese horror series "Juon." What you see here is the Long Cut (a.k.a. the "Funny Cut") which contains several more minutes of footage than the original release.
The Pain
The PainWay, way, way, way back in the day, a long time ago... Vinnk produced the most pointless video ever conceived by mankind. What is it you ask? It is this video. And other than telling you this is one of the most pointless things ever I won't explain further.
The Toph Mix
The Toph MixVinnk, Peso, Topher and the HIM produced their own version of the Morning Musume video for "The Peace" at some ungodly hour back in the day. Why did they do this? I have no idea. But if you've seen the original video, this thing is hilarious.
The Rocky Horrible Picture Show
The Rocky Horrible Picture ShowVinnk reporting live from the site of the UWEC edition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show a many, many years ago. This video was made for TV10 originally (the UWEC campus TV station)... and Vinnk once demanded it get pulled from the 1337porn website... which of course means that it needed to stay online for as long as possible.
The Day We Went Too Far
The Day We Went Too FarAlso known as "Shinny [sic] Happy People," the Day We Went Too Far is officially the creepiest AMV ever created. It features the music "Shiny Happy People" by the band REM and partners it with clips of "Grave of the Fireflies." If you don't know why that's twisted, you've never seen the movie.
1337band - Koshuudenwa (公衆電話)
1337band - Koshuudenwa (公衆電話)This is the first music video from 1337band. Subtitles added so you can understand their (often purposefully wrong) Japanese. It is a very touching ballad written to a Public Telephone. I think. It's hard to tell sometimes. You can find more about 1337Band (along with more of their music) on their website at
1337Band Performs Live at NoBrandCon 2005
1337Band Performs Live at NoBrandCon 2005Run Time: ~2 minutes
Description: From No Brand Con 2005, I present the taped performance of 1337 Porn's own 1337 Band. The song is literally being written as it's sung, and is based on the first DVD they were handed... which just happened to be "Wolf's Rain."

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