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Testing Grounds

This Category Should Not Be Visible. It is my container for articles I have not placed in categories on the website yet.
Test Thing
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Alternate MAZE dub test
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Small Galaxy (A Web Novel)
Small Galaxy (A Web Novel)Updated with a new chapter each month month, Small Galaxy is a serialized web novel. It isn't an epic, and the fate of the universe isn't at stake. It's just a comedic science fiction adventure story where boy meets girl, and girl turns out to be from another planet. Some other stuff happens too when a homeless political science professor shows up, but you'll just have to see what that's all about.

Or something.
Political Science
Political ScienceIn this category you will find a short list of articles and papers I've written on political science topics. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and these article were written during my studies there. So, y'know, don't expect a lot of new stuff to show up here.
Dantalion Information File
What it says on the tin.
Chapter 12: Awkward
Hoo boy...
Chapter 11: Tracking
More fun with Bob and Phil
Chapter 10: Wisconsin
Finding their way to Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin? Because I know it.
Chapter 8: The Others
This is the part where things get interesting, and George looks less crazy
Chapter 9: The Motel
This part is mostly in a motel room. Clever, eh.
Chapter 7: Lunch
This is a part that involves even more food.
Chapter 6: The Hitchhiker
This is where George meets everyone else.
Chapter 5: The Road
This is more from Ruth's point of view.
Chapter 3: George
This is George
Chapter 4: The Morning
This is the third part of the story
Chapter 2: Ruth
This is the next part of the story.
Chapter 1: Randall
This is a story
Alternate Uses for a 3DO
Alternate Uses for a 3DOThink a 3DO is just good for playing obscure video games from the mid-nineties that no one's ever heard of? Well, guess again! In this video I continue my recent video game theme and show some great new uses for this otherwise forgotten console.
No Later for
No Later for WitchCraftSpellsNow.comFrater Dantalion posted about me on a Rip off Report regarding a site called "Witch Craft Spells Now." After that though, Tasha of that site e-mailed me asking what was going on. Take a breath and process that. A spell caster was e-mailing me. I seriously want to know where she thought this was a good idea. Looking at, I found that Tasha claimed to be a practicing Wiccan for over twenty years and that she ran the "Ill-Alli Temple" in Lincoln Park, NJ with her Husband. She also claimed to have two children. The first question I always ask when I start these things crept to mind though: "Is any of this actually true?" Not so much.

(Cross Posted From The Craptacular Web)
Trae Dorn vs. The Crazy Person
Trae Dorn vs. The Crazy PersonSome days you wonder why you get out of bed in the morning. The day I first corresponded with "Frater Dantalion" of Black Magic Spells was one of those days. Never have I gotten such a headache from someone who I didn't really give a damn about before. I am a firm believer that any website that charges you money for spell casting is, with out a doubt, a scam just trying to separate you from your money. I went specifically after because they were also lying about who was running the website -- there was no way for a victim to get retribution or justice.

My concern this time though is with one man who seems determined to make my life difficult for no reason other than his own amusement.

(Cross Posted From The Craptacular Web)
The Archive
The was a website set up by a group of friends of mine (Peso, Neil, Vinnk, and several others) to feature their videos. It was before the advent of Youtube though, so many of those videos disappeared from the internet when their site disappeared.

Thanks to the help of Real Steve saving most of the files though, this is an archive that's been created to showcase their comedic glory. Sadly, one video we didn't save was the original Squashing of America -- a series of films that actually continued onto this site.
More Insanity
More is a scam website that claims they will cast Magick on your behalf for various sums of money. They claim to be able to find you love, give you an abortion, cure your cancer, grant you immortality, and change you sex organs. No, I'm not kidding about any of those.

They people prey on people, and because of that, I couldn't leave well enough alone with the last installment on them. I just had to dig... deeper.

(Cross Posted From The Craptacular Web)
Shadow of a Doubt (1943)
Shadow of a Doubt (1943)A 1943 thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock and written by Thornton Wilder, Sally Benson and Alma Reville, it stars Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotten, Macdonald Carey, Patricia Collinge, Henry Travers and Hume Cronyn. The Newton family lead a quiet life in the North California town of Santa Rosa. The Newton's eldest daughter, 'young Charlie', decides that things need brightening up and resolves to contact her Uncle Charlie (after whom she is named) and invite him to stay. On arrival at the telegraph office she discovers he is already on his way. However, Uncle Charlie is being pursued by a couple of detectives who suspect him of being "The Merry Widow Murderer", an evil strangler wanted in connection with the deaths of several rich East coast widows. It is often stated that this is Hitchcock's favorite film.
The Ridiculous Spell Farm
The Ridiculous Spell FarmWhen the ad for came up on my Google Adsense ads, I was curious so I went to their page. Upon arriving there, I was shocked. They're charging you for them to cast spells on your behalf. Apparently, if you believe the website, by purchasing a spell which costs from anywhere from Standard Level ($39) to Premium Level ($265!) you can get them to do a 12 hour casting of your love spell. 12 hours. For every spell. That hurts my brain.

(Cross posted from The Craptacular Web)
Test Item
Test ItemThis is here to test the podcasting software
This is a bad idea
To Slay Zombie Newton - Breaking Hearts, Eating Brains (Live)
To Slay Zombie Newton - Breaking Hearts, Eating Brains (Live)From the October 2006 Live at Zombie House performance by Eau Claire area rock nerds To Slay Zombie Newton. This track, like Amiga, is one that never ended up on an official recording. This song is about Zombie heart break. No, I'm not kidding. "She's been breaking my heart, I've eating her brains..." You get the picture.
Run Time: ~4 Minutes
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)While travelling in Switzerland, the child of a well-off couple is kidnapped. She is held to ensure that her father does not reveal what he knows about a planned assassination. Since they can't talk to the authorities, the parents plan to begin the search for their daughter on their own. Starring Bob Lawrence, Edna Banks and Peter Lorre and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Trivia: Hitchcock would later remake this film in 1956 with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day.
Captain Kidd (1945)
Captain Kidd (1945)Directed by Rowland V. Lee, the notorious pirate Captain Kidd (Charles Laughton) tricks King William III (Henry Daniell) into letting him escort treasure-laden merchant ships to India. Captain Kidd also Co-stars Randolph Scott as Adam Mercy and John Carradine as Orange Povey.
To Slay Zombie Newton - Walker Texas Ranger (Live)
To Slay Zombie Newton - Walker Texas Ranger (Live)Run Time: ~1 Minute
Description: From the October 2006 Live at Zombie House performance by Eau Claire area rock nerds To Slay Zombie Newton. That's right, back to the archive again. This time they cover the theme song to that classic Chuck Norris vehicle "Walker Texas Ranger." Why? Who knows.
Liner Notes
Ignore me.
To Slay Zombie Newton - Amiga (Live)
To Slay Zombie Newton - Amiga (Live)Run Time: ~4 minutes
Description: From the October 2006 Live at Zombie House performance by Eau Claire area rock nerds To Slay Zombie Newton. Amiga is a song which never appeared in any official recorded state, but is probably one of my favorite songs they do.
It's Victor1st's Fault
It's Victor1st's FaultRun Time: ~2.75 minutes
Description: I blame all of the world's troubles on popular LiveVideo user Victor1st, since everyone else seems to be doing so already anyways. The guy is a drama magnet, what can I say?

Warning: May contain excessive amounts of Satire.

I know the context may be lost on many of my website's viewers, but this video is a spoof of how Victor tends to get blamed for things that aren't his fault over on, so I thought I'd take it to the next level to make fun of the phenomenon.

The music is "Percussive" by Happy Wednesday.
Blank Entry For Future Use
Run Time: ~3.5 minutes
Description: As a part of my "To Slay To Slay Zombie Newton" project, I cover To Slay Zombie Newton's faux-"Scandinavian" (the lyrics are actually gibberish written by a Calculator) rock song Davnesaur as a polka.

Blasphemous, I know.
Rashomon (1950)
Rashomon (1950)Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece starring Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyo and Masayuki Mori, Rashomon tells the story of a rape murder from four conflicting eye witnesses to the crime. Which one, if any of them, is the true account is left up to the viewer to decide.

Trivia: During the filming of Rashomon, Kurosawa and his cast all lived in the same house together.
No Brand Con: More Behind the Scenes
No Brand Con: More Behind the ScenesRun Time: ~2 minutes
Description: From the world of NoBrandCon: The Gardening Ninja interrupts a very important Science Committee Meeting.

This video is part of the ongoing mascot plotline that continues between conventions. NoBrandCon is Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention.
Don't Leave Dead Birds (Hanging From a Tree)
Don't Leave Dead Birds (Hanging From a Tree)Run Time: ~5 minutes
Description: I wrote this song six years ago for "Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday." Not my best performance, but it works. This is also known as what happens when you leave Trae alone with a Korg TRITON Workstation... (It's a little out of sync, but better than the first upload)

This is all me... sadly.
NoBrandCon: News of the World!
NoBrandCon: News of the World!Run Time: ~.75 minutes
Description: From the world of NoBrandCon, this tells the tale of Duct Tape Boy's exciting adventure in South America in classic News Reel Style.

This video is part of the ongoing mascot plotline that continues between conventions. NoBrandCon is Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention.
Video Comments (Vol. 1)
I've become fairly active in several online video communities, and sometimes I produce videos as responses to other people. While not really long enough or independent enough to be considered "Short Films" in my opinion, they do provide some level of entertainment.
NoBrandCon: BtS - Outtakes
NoBrandCon: BtS - OuttakesRun Time: ~5 minutes
Description: When we shot the NoBrandCon plot video, we had quite a few... outtakes. Needless to say, when a two minute video ends up with five minutes of outtakes, you know you were having fun when you made it. The shots are mixed together in a relatively random order.
NoBrandCon: Behind the Scenes
NoBrandCon: Behind the ScenesRun Time: ~2 minutes
Description: Three of NoBrandCon's Mascots Plan the 2007 Convention Theme.

This video is part of the ongoing mascot plotline that continues between conventions. NoBrandCon is Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention.
The Case For Network Neutrality
Imagine you're pulling onto a tollway. Now I know we don't have toll based highways in Wisconsin, but just hop along on the metaphor train with me for a moment, okay? Rather than just having a single toll for all drivers though, you're faced with a choice of two sets of toll booths...
Run Time: ~5.5 minutes
Description: One man. A couple pairs of scissors. An epic. Jacob "Jake" Russo had a lot of hair - until the K.T. lobby was done with him. Actually, mostly we just shaved Jake's head and I thought it was a good idea to film it... I don't know, I find it mildly entertaining - well, that and Matej's reaction to Jake at the end just amuses me. Of course, I'm also easily entertained.

The soundtrack is Diggin' by the Seatbelts off of the Cowboy Bebop Movie Soundtrack.

This was a very interesting evening, but I really don't have anything else to really say about this video.
Full Circle: Alternate Reality Fiction
Full Circle tells the story of six college students, living in the Northwestern Wisconsin city of Eau De Puanteur, from their own point of view. Follow the story of Lynn, Marcus, James, Dave, 'Brina and Adaline by reading their personal blogs.
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The frequently asked questions for TRHOnline's Beta blogging service, TRHBlogs.

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