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The Craptacular World

Over the years, I've found many people that just plain piss me off. Many of these people are bigoted... some are those I just find plain stupid. I invite you to join me on this exploration of idiocy. If you know of a site that you think should be included here, or if you disagree with me - e-mail me. I'm more than happy to receive it.

The oldest entries to this section have been hidden from this list. In fact the old ones are fairly terrible. I blame it on the follies of youth. Also, all comments made prior to 2007 were lost in the great content shuffle. I apologize to their posters. If you REALLY feel the need to read the awfulness, go here to find it.

Spotting a Scam: The Bill Beckman Casting Agency
Spotting a Scam: The Bill Beckman Casting AgencySome of you may remember that back in January there was a weird buzz based around a suspicious casting call put out by "Bill Beckman Casting" that The Amazing Spider-man 3 was going into production. Now, we all know that's patently false now, but even then most of us figured out it wasn't legitimate.

As other people had pointed it out, we mentioned that the casting call was likely a scam. Life moved on, and we thought that it was the end of the story.

That was until we got an email from the "Bill Beckman Casting Agency."
'Awesome Con' - Stealer of Weekends, Not So Awesome.
'Awesome Con' - Stealer of Weekends, Not So Awesome.While I am not wholly against for-profit conventions on any sort of principle, as I believe they can be run right, I also have yet to witness that many situations where for-profit outfits don't come into regions like a bull in a china shop.

Anyway, all of that should serve as background to how I'm reacting to a very particular email I received yesterday.

An email which has me a bit angry.

Because you know that bull I mentioned earlier? It's just driven a truck through the china shop's front window.
Emanuel F. Camacho's False Haven
Emanuel F. Camacho's False HavenIf you're in the midwest con scene, you may have heard how "Haven Publishing and Entertainment" allegedly ripped off convention personalities Samurai Dan and Jillian. And while (based off my reading of "Samurai" Dan Coglan may not have been as business savvy as he should have been, it's clear that if what he alleges is true, he's the victim.

And I tend to believe him.

All it took to convince me was spending a few hours looking into Haven Publishing and Entertainment's owner Emanuel "Manny" Camacho.
Ryan Kopf sent me a Cease and Desist Letter
Ryan Kopf sent me a Cease and Desist LetterSo my day started rather interestingly enough - with receiving a cease and desist letter from convention organizer Ryan Kopf. Ryan Kopf, who runs "Chrono, LC" (the company behind the conventions Anime Zap, QC Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Con Alt Delete, and Anime Midwest), was the subject of a bit of controversy this summer - and I wrote a fairly lengthy blog post about how I plan on never going to one of his events.

The C&D claims I have been attempting to defame Mr. Kopf, and lists a number of webpages where I have allegedly done this. On that list are several articles I've writen but also (and quite puzzlingly) my old LiveJournal profile (?) and several Rip Off Reports I did not write nor do I think I have even read...
Why I Won't Go To A Ryan Kopf Run Convention
Why I Won't Go To A Ryan Kopf Run ConventionRecent allegations Ryan Kopf, who runs "Chrono, LC" (the company behind the conventions Anime Zap, QC Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Domo Con, and Anime Midwest), committed rape during a convention he was running this May have led some to demand a boycott of his events.

I talked about this the other day in my blog, and the police report that has surfaced is both a genuine document and a disturbing read. The part that most convinced me was the detailed list of photographed injuries on the third page. When you combine that with at least one exgirlfriend of Mr. Kopf coming forward saying that he was abusive during their relationship as well, it paints a fairly damning picture.

So while Mr. Kopf has been convicted of no crime, it sure does seem like he's a guy worth avoiding. Avoiding events he runs seems like the right thing to do as well.

Here's the thing though - I had already decided long before this I'd never go to a Ryan Kopf run event.
Don't Harrass Strangers On The Internet
Don't Harrass Strangers On The InternetSo most of us know that when someone messages you on Facebook but you aren't friends with them, their message will go into a separate folder labelled "other." I never look at it, but yesterday I was kind of bored after work and decided to take a peek. While sorting through it, I found - from almost a year ago - this particular gem...
My Final Words on Spellcasters
My Final Words on SpellcastersEver since I started writing articles about internet spellcasters I've become the guy people write to when they have problems with them. Rather than write an extensive article this time though, I thought I would sum up my thoughts on the subject in a video.
No Later for
No Later for WitchCraftSpellsNow.comFrater Dantalion posted about me on a Rip off Report regarding a site called "Witch Craft Spells Now." After that though, Tasha of that site e-mailed me asking what was going on. Take a breath and process that. A spell caster was e-mailing me. I seriously want to know where she thought this was a good idea. Looking at, I found that Tasha claimed to be a practicing Wiccan for over twenty years and that she ran the "Ill-Alli Temple" in Lincoln Park, NJ with her Husband. She also claimed to have two children. The first question I always ask when I start these things crept to mind though: "Is any of this actually true?" Not so much.
Trae Dorn vs. The Crazy Person
Trae Dorn vs. The Crazy PersonSome days you wonder why you get out of bed in the morning. The day I first had any correspondance with "Frater Dantalion" of Black Magic Spells was one of those days. Never have I gotten such a headache from someone who I didn't really give a damn about before. I am a firm believer that any website that charges you money for spell casting is, with out a doubt, a scam just trying to separate you from your money. I went specifically after because they were also lying about who was running the website -- there was no way for a victim to get retribution or justice.

My concern this time though is with one man who seems determined to make my life difficult for no reason other than his own amusement.
More Insanity
More is a scam website that claims they will cast Magick on your behalf for various sums of money. They claim to be able to find you love, give you an abortion, cure your cancer, grant you immortality, and change you sex organs. No, I'm not kidding about any of those.

They people prey on people, and because of that, I couldn't leave well enough alone with the last installment on them. I just had to dig... deeper.
The Ridiculous
The Ridiculous Fastspells.comWhen the ad for FASTSPELLS came up on my Google Adsense ads, I was curious so I went to their page. Upon arriving there, I was shocked. They're charging you for them to cast spells on your behalf. Apparently, if you believe the website, by purchasing a spell which costs from anywhere from Standard Level ($39) to Premium Level ($265!) you can get them to do a 12 hour casting of your love spell. 12 hours. For every spell. That hurts my brain.
The Curiosity that is
The Curiosity that is LightHive.comWhat's better than coming up with your own content? Why, stealing the content of others! In this installment I look at, a fairly annoying Spam platform.

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