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Craptacular Archive

This Category is for Old Craptacular World/Web articles which, frankly, aren't that good.
Most Disgusting Website EVER.
Okay, so I think I found a site that everyone with any shred of decency can rally against. It's so bad that I'm afraid that I'll end up on some FBI list somewhere just for linking to it.
Idiocy In Action
I know, I've been quiet on this section of the webpage for a couple of months, but my need to point out the 'stupid' on the web has finally returned. This installment looks at one of the worst named organizations in the world, "Love In Action".
An Incredibly White Boy is in the Hiz-ouse!
Well, D´Cyple fancies himself a rapper. Besides the obvious fact that D´Cyple is whiter than Wonder Bread, I have a hard time believing that he´s really experienced inner city culture. Why? Well, look at D´s bio...
Ah yes, the AFA
What I've chosen is a site that I described as "Not anti-Pagan, Just Pro-Bigot". Upon revisiting the site, I was happy to see that other than a prettier design... there really hasn't been a change.
I'm Not Just Picking On the Christians.
This is the page of an absolute atheist, I want to point out. He goes so far as to say that there wasn't even a guy NAMED Jesus - let alone that he was the son of god. Meh. He's a weirdo.
Falling Right Off the Cutting Edge
These guys are some more wacky far right weirdos who have a very thin grasp on reality. I dare you to read one of their articles with a straight face. And they use a brand of "logic" that I based on of my MrSquiggles articles on.
Evil Yoda! Evil Yoda!
Sound Doctrine is a strange place really, they are a one stop shop for paranoia, stupidity, and rhetoric. I mean, they have a page dedicated to explaining how Yoda is Satan.
You don't know Jack... Chick
Have you ever had one of those little 'comic' tracts handed to you by a Preacher or Nutcase that feels the need to patrol your neighborhood? Ever wanted to sit down and read every one of those damned little things? Well, here's your chance.
Well, they got the
First off, I want to know who told the Christian Right that putting MIDI files on every page of their websites was a good idea?
Demonbuster Busted
Demonbuster Busted? Well, probably not. I think it's meant to look like that.

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