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FlipSide Articles

What you will find in this folder are various articles that I wrote for the UWEC on campus News Magazine The Flip Side waaaay back in the day. Because of that, the nature of some articles will be in reference to local and long dead issues and news. As these will be slightly out of context date wise, I would recommend you stop by The Flip Side's Website ... but as it's down, I don't see how I could. Maybe it's back. I don't know.
Nader 'The Shepherd for the Political Left'
On Thursday, Sep. 16, Ralph Nader appeared before a packed Schofield Auditorium. Campaigning in his seemingly umpteenth presidential bid, Nader presented an interesting, educated, and most of all energizing speech. Some have asked, "If he can't win this election, why is he bothering to run?" though, and that I hope to answer.
Feingold 'Taking the High Road'
Senator Russ Feingold's campaign stopped by the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire campus on Sep. 2 during his "High Road Challenge Tour." During his speech, the Senator said, "It's unfair to the people of this state; they deserve a campaign based on issues," and this really is the point of the High Road Challenge, as the majority of Republican advertising has been focused on character assassination.
What's Wrong With the Word Pussy?
Pussy. Five letters, each on its own harmless and without impact, but you put them together... and oh boy, do you have problems. Yes, it's a slang term for female genitalia, but until recently I've never thought twice about it. You see, it's recently been pointed out to me that the term "pussy" is offensive.
Fraternal Frustration: Or How The Town Next Door Managed to Be Dumber Than The Frats
Let me start by explaining something important about me: I hate the Greeks. I find the vast majority of fraternity guys morons, and the majority of sorority girls vapid. Yes, I am the stereotypical Greek hater. But I'm about to do something I never thought I'd ever do - defend the frats. That's right, Mr. I-irrationally-hate-the-Greeks is stepping up to the plate to defend them. (I just felt shivers, did you? Was that hell freezing over? Crap...)
The 'Dean Scream' That Never Was: Scrutinizing Spin and Media Misportrayals
We all remember the image: Former Democratic front-runner Howard Dean, seemingly yelling like a madman after placing third in the Iowa caucuses. The media was delighted, a formerly favorite candidate losing his cool up in front of a crowd is always a good piece to boost ratings. But there's a simple question that no one seemed to ask: What is it really a film of?
You're Not Safe, Get Over it. How The Students of UWEC Have Been Led Into A False Sense of Security.
Eau Claire is supposed to be safe, and bad things aren't supposed to happen here. Well, it's not, and they do. But that's not the image that the town and University want. No, the UWEC website advertises and pushes the image of a "Safe" city... But how far are they willing to go to protect that image?

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