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Digital Obscuria

I love classic computers, always have. And for some odd reason, obsolete and obscure systems are what make me the most excited. Maybe it's the idea of finding something a little more rare, or maybe it's just nostalgia... either way - it's fun. Ironically, , it started with a quest to find an operational Commodore 64. Sadly, I have yet to find a Commodore 64 owner willing to give theirs up (or should I say "give it to me for free"). My collection is small at the moment, but will eventually grow.
3DO FZ-1
3DO FZ-1Panasonic's FZ-1... the definitive 3DO in my mind. Damn, it's a big machine.
JVC X'EyeThe Wondermega in Japan, the X'Eye combines the Genesis and the Sega CD into one package.
PSX VCD CardProduced by GAMARS, you can "Press any Ley", and watch some VCDs on your Playstation
Hot Rod
Hot RodThe 8088 Laptop that will steal your heart... and your wallet if you let it.
HollisterThis is a MacPlus 1MB that was left on the floor of my bedroom for six months.
VickyShe's a Commodore Vic-20. Probably the oldest model of the bunch.
Laser 128 Pile
Laser 128 PileA couple accessories for my now fried (and later thrown out a window and hit with a hammer) Laser 128. Not all that exciting really.

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