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Podcasts & Shows

Trae is a regular podcaster and has produced quite a bit of online multimedia content over the years.

In this folder you'll find any podcasts or webseries he currently hosts or co-hosts.

Stormwood & Associates
Stormwood & AssociatesA Roleplaying Game Actual Play Podcast based in a modern fantasy world using the (in development) Super Awesome Action Heroes system. Set in San Ricardo, Calisorta, the show follows the titular Stormwood & Associates, a private investigator and licensed magic user agency as they take jobs, fight off surfer ninjas, run from dragons, and maybe (if they’re lucky) save the world.

GM duties rotate among the cast members of the show.
The Bullshit-Free Witchcraft Podcast
The Bullshit-Free Witchcraft PodcastBullshit-Free Witchcraft is a monthly podcast on the Modern Witchcraft movement, minus any extraneous, well, bullshit.

It’s a show designed to cater to all ranges of experience — from those who have been witches for decades to those just starting out. We hope there’s something here for everyone.
On This Day With Trae (the Podcast)
On This Day With Trae (the Podcast)On This Day With Trae is a daily podcast hosted by Trae Dorn, in which he imparts a random bit of historical trivia into your day. It's only about a minute and a half long, but it's kind of fun!

In truth, Trae's been finding tidbits like this every day to share for years -- he just finally started to record himself doing it.
Nerd and Tie (the Podcast)
Nerd and Tie (the Podcast)Nerd & Tie is a podcast brought to you by the letter N, the number 3 and the letter 7. Hosted by Trae, Gen and Nick it intends to delve into the nerdy world around us. Join we three geeks every month for the latest in what's going on in the geek-o-sphere and exactly what we think about it.
3DO To Go
3DO To Go3DO To Go is a series of videos about the oft forgotten 3DO console of the mid-nineties. Produced in partnership with the now defunct, the series is currently on hiatus.

But hey, there's 10 episodes of season one to watch, so at least those are fun!

Trae Dorn
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