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DHT World Tour 2003
When: January 9th-12th 2003
Where: Eau Claire, WI
What: The Annual get together of the members of the non-performing band "Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday".

We started out the first night with an oh-so exciting game of Tekken 4.

Roach (left) and Winchester (right) seem to be having a great time.  Why?  Because I'm not playing either one of them.

This is me (Traegorn) the next morning.  Yah, I look like hell.

Winchester, outside in his car smoking in negative temperatures.  Kids, this is why you shouldn't smoke.  It leads to other, more serious things... like pneumonia.

The second night we went over to Ben and Meep's for a Ramen cook.  This is the only existing photo, in which you can actually see Winchester's shoulder (left), and my ass (center).  We played "Maul of America", which Faery ended up winning.

I had to work Saturday morning, so during that time Winchester and Roach went to the porn store.  They came back with a porn film, and watched it with Faery.  Since I wasn't there, I have been forced to create this very realistic dramatic reinactment of the three of them watching porn.  Faery is played by a random Mage Knight piece, Roach by HeroClix Spiderman, and Winchester by a Lego Pirate.  Since Faery and I didn't break up until the next day, I got to contemplate the bizarre idea of my girlfriend, and my two best friends watching porn in my basement without me.  Hmmmm.... I think I know where things went wrong now... (kidding)

That night we went to Vinnk's place for a supposed Brainspike... which just degenerated into a party.  Winchester and Roach are barely in this picture, while Vinnk appears to be doing something awkward to Topher... hmmm...

Ghaleon looks sleepy... anyways, Vinnk and Cat are attempting to play a Sakura Taisen game that hasn't been translated into english.  Vinnk is attempting to find out what a character is saying, while Cat holds the controller - looking a little bored.

More of the same, but now with a Topher, and Ghaleon awareness!

And this is just a message to everyone out there.  When you're depressed, you've been out all night, and it's six in the morning.... Smash Brothers makes everything better.  Amen. 
Community Comments:
2:32pm 1/16/03
From: Traegorn
Message: Hey, you can leave a comment about the Dead Ham(p)ster Tuesday 2003 World Tour in this field by just sending a message to the TRHMessenger User DHT2003!
2:51pm 1/16/03
From: Traegorn
Message: I think it's kind of funny that there are no pictures of Faery, but I managed to actually be in a couple shots.

This isn't on purpose, it's just that apparently TheOrange (who you can see in the first photo) likes to pull out the camera when Faery isn't around. He took about half of the photos for the Gathering.

And like I said, we didn't have a lot of pictures to work from... but I think I've managed to reconstruct most of the major events of the weekend... meh.
4:25pm 1/19/03
From: Faery
Message: DHT World Tour

Yay! I had been missing Roach and Winnie (hehehe...), so I *finally* had my fix (for the most part) - and I did get to kick Winnie's proverbial ass in Super Smash Bros. Melee (go Pink Samus!). He won't admit it, though.

OA - er, OAA - rocked. I must thank Kevin for introducing me to the wonderful world of UV. Mmm...UV. Oh! And I made up a drink that tastes exactly like Pepsi Blue (no, it really does!), called Pixie Drink. I think Ghaleon made up that name. I think. Anyway, equal parts UV and Mountain Dew. It turns NEON green, too. Probably quite blacklight responsive. Now I have to try this...anyway, off the subject.

Despite some *ahem* difficulties, I think it was a very successful tour and I know I had a lot of fun! Sakura Taisen (from the *little* that I saw) is cool - and someday I would like to view it without alcohol!
10:17am 1/21/03
From: Topher
Message: Ah, yes... And you didn't expect it to devolve into nonsberness?? Much funn was had by several people, and apparently much drama was had by others. I can't help but think that, though I was not the one who first suggested that we drink and watch anime, I was "The Plan's" biggest supporter.
Some people did not like this. I don't care.

This is what happend on that lovely night. We gathered under the auspices of an anime marathon. We started watching, we started drinking, we forgot what we were watching. Eventually, we just turned on a crazy Itallian game show and people collapsed. Those who remained got up the next morning and lived their lives. Except Dave, who just kept drinking.

Meh, I think this thing was fucking great, we had rice ball artillery, foot races, and cheezy puffs, chartreuse, curry, and that crappy tangerine stuff Kevin bought. Whatever....

The Krunk has left the building....

Trae Dorn
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