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GenCon 2002
When: August 8th-11th  2002
Where: Milwaukee, WI
What: The biggest Gaming convention in North America, and the last time it will be in Milwaukee.

Sadly, I, Traegorn, am in NONE of these pictures because I was the camera man - so unless Rhi has a shot with me in it, none will be appearing with me, and oddly enough Winchester - who was there for most of it.  Also, Rhi has promised to scan the image of her and Faery from the day that she showed up... and I forgot the camera.  Ah well, on to the GenCon  2002 Photos

Faery, in one of the few instances where she lets me take a photo of her.

The Orange, Faery, and Roach approach the Rubies of Eventide Display. (well, I do too, you just can't see me)

The Orange looking at the Rubies.  It's just not GenCon without the Rubies of Eventide.  Well, mostly it's the pop up promotional 'Ruby' things which make them essential.

The Orange, Eating a Ruby of Eventide.  Mmmmm... Rubies...

Roach toting around his 'Gunblade'.

Brian Miles stands next to Orange... who has finally destroyed a Ruby.

John, Roach's younger brother, playing with a stuffed Cthulu.

This is Syl.  He's not real.  When the Midwest Express center opened, they didn't have a rope around him, and many people mistook 'him' for a real Security guard.

The 'Wizards' castle.  Nowhere near as cool as the Old TSR one, but still eye catching.

I played Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries, and all I got was a lousy T-shirt.

A radio of ours being modeled by one of the many little green Intel men we got for free.  Orange and I have these perched around our two main computers.  Which both have AMD chips in them.

Roach getting stretched, with Faery reading behind him.

The full shot... now with Faery awareness!
Community Comments:
2:06pm 8/19/02
From: Traegorn
Message: Hey, you can leave a comment about GenCon 2002 in this field by just sending a message to the TRHMessenger User GenCon2002!
4:04pm 8/19/02
From: Faery
Message: I don't hate that picture! It's a miracle!
6:03pm 8/19/02
From: Traegorn
Message: I've been attending Gen Con game fair since '93. That's nine years... and when you're about to turn 22, that's a good chunk of your life. This was probably my last Gen Con, and that makes me a bit sad.

But, with that meloncholy aside, it rocked. We had a damned good time, and while I won't be attending Milwaukee's GameFest 2003, GameFest 2004 is a maybe.

I will also mention that Gen Con 2002 was officially the first time I've seen Rhi *in person* in years.

I also have six Rubies of Eventide - hehe... rubies...

And I officially need my own copy of "Maul of America", man... that thing is great. Bravo to Jolly Roger Games - I think I'll wait until the rerelease though, so I have a nicer copy than Winchester. :)

6:05pm 8/19/02
From: Traegorn
Message: And one more thing! Why are they calling the new non-video game Battletech stuff "Mechwarrior"? I mean, that was just supposed to be the name of the video game... yeesh. BATTLETECH!
12:35am 8/20/02
From: Winchester
Message: That's the whole report? geez. I am so let down.
12:16pm 8/20/02
From: Rhi
Message: Yeah, Faery's really hot. Yeah.
3:32pm 8/20/02
From: Faery
Message: So, now for a real report.

Derek and I spent quite a bit of time looking at pretty shiny things, of which there was quite a bit. I played Management Material, which was fun.

Chris, Trae, and I went to a panel on the stereotypes against gaming and its "inspiring violence in children." It was cool.

I thought GenCon was awesome. It was my first year, and I plan on heading to Indy to go again. This time I'll dress up more than one day, and as something more complicated than a Cyborg.

Trae Dorn
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