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(5/27/02)  We see a massive update on the Lost Episodes Category, with shots of Mr. Bamt, and T-Wrecks
Category 1 - Mirror Mirror Development
Image 1
- Pencils and inks.  I really can't say much about Mirror Mirror, other than the fact it's a video game that I'm helping put togther.  Whether it ever gets finished is anyone's bet, but we're having a fun time making it.
Image 2 - Pencils and inks. People keep telling me that this image looks like a self portrait.  I disagree.  I look nothing like this guy, other than the fact that I have long hair and a goatee.  My hands are definitely not that big....

Category 2 - Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes

Mr. Bamt - This was a piece of art I designed for the Lost Eps. T-shirt.  I did the initial image in just pencils, and inked it with a regular Bic pen - which looks horrible for artwork -- while both Sean and I did the coloring using PhotoShop on my end, and Corel on his.
Death of Mr. Bamt - This was the promotional pic I did for Episode 10/13.  It's also the first real attempt I made at Drawing NickBee.  His appearance in this image is the only reason he showed up in the Death of Bamt scene, and spawned his scenes with Benny in Episode 14.  Happy coincidence really, and it gave me a better foundation for Episode 15: Redemption.  But really, since that's how the entire first season's story arcs ended up coming together, it was a good way to start off the second season.  It's really just pencils, with inking done with a Bic pen.  A regular Bic pen.  Like the kind you use at a bank.  Sad really.
Reformatted NickBee - This pencil sketch was made during in a fit of boredom while I was brainstorming ideas for The Lost Episodes, and is what really caused Episode 15.  I have better sketches of Reformatted NickBee, but this is the only scanned one.  It's really faint, but you can see how much cooler he looks than he did in Season 1.
Redemption Promo - This takes the shot of NickBee from above and turns it into something that looks halfway decent.  I did this in ULead iPhoto Express and GIF Construction Kit for Win95 - so don't let anyone tell you that you need expensive products to make neat stuff.  The original concept was to take a more detailed version of Nick that looked penciled, but just have him tinted yellow.  I didn't like the way the JPG version looked (made the text look grainy) so I thought "Hmmm, I'll GIF this!" -- so I did.  And, rather than dither this to a 256 degree palette, I hit remap.  And this turned out.  It looked so cool, I decided to use it instead of my original concept.
Cool NickBee - A more defined, and frankly a nicer look at the Reformatted NickBee design.  He actually looks fairly bad ass in this.  Inked.
Action Master Bamt - Mr. Bamt returns from the dead in Season 2 of the Lost Episodes as "Action Master Bamt".  This was drawn and computer colored by myself.
New Bamt, Old Pose - Mr. Bamt does his classic pose.  Colored by myself.  This, in my mind, is proof as to how I've grown as an artist - considering the original image was done in May of 2000 - and this one was done in May of 2002.
T-Wrecks - T-Wrecks is actually a character who got a toy, but was never on the show.  He's up here just because I think this fits better up here than under fan art.  Completely drawn, colored, and assembled by yours truly. 

Category 3 - Masters Fleet Corporation Staff

Ilyena Masters - Ilyena is a character that is well... just cool.  She's one of the main characters from a story I'm writing (or at least started and can't get back to because I can't find the install disk for MSWORKS, and it's a .wps file...) and is a pretty damn fun subject to draw, if I do say so myself.  This is just a pencil sketch that I don't think does her justice - but what the heck.  Here it is.
Ilyena and Violetta Armenz - Ilyena and Vi.  Vi's a technician and backup pilot for Masters fleet.  I drew this in about a half hour, because I realized that I hadn't drawn Ilyena in a while, and that I didn't have any nice images of Vi sitting around.  Pencils and Inks.
Vince Vescucci - His friends call him Vinny, but Ilyena - arguably his closest friend - still calls him Vince, so Vince it is (You want to argue with Ilyena?).  This is just a pencil sketch, but I like the way it came out.  He's the best Starship Mechanic this side of the Galactic Rim.
Vince's Mug - I've always loved this shot.  It really brings out what the character's personality is like - and it shows off his Tenchi style pony-nub.  Again, pencils. 

Category 4 - Raven

Raven with module - This is a slight modification on the character look, but  it's very much her.  Inks and pencils.
Raven Leaping - This is a fun shot of Raven.  Raven is a character who started showing up in dreams of mine back in second grade, which is why she warrants her own category.  This is inked, with pencil added to add skin tone. 
Raven Leaning - This is a more relaxed shot of Raven.  Inked, with pencil added to add skin tone. 
Raven in the Mist - This is Raven in her full gear, ready to kick some ass.  I love this shot.  It's inked. 

Category 5 - Room 825/PB:ASA Characters

Phil Bond - Based of a guy named Caleb that my roommate Sean went to high school with, Phil Bond is a character who, by complete accident, becomes a secret agent.  Sound contrived? Well, it is.  But it's funny.  Inked in all it's glory.
Agent 37 - An *actual* secret agent from the series, 37 spends most of her spare time being forced to explain that she is neither Lara Croft, nor Angelina Jolie.  Inked.
37 in Arctic Gear - A set of sketches for "arctic gear" for 37.  Just some random fun really. Pencils
Tommy Ngo (Agent 99) - Agent 37's partner, Ngo sees the whole "Numbers instead of names" thing as a joke.  The concept behind him is a short, asian Miami Vice Don Johnson.... or a tall, asian MI:2 Tom Cruise.  Inked.
Ngo Fear - Action shot of Tommy.  Drawn in a fit of boredom one day.  I don't have much else to comment on this pic, but I do think it looks neat.  Inked.
Marcus Van Buren - Vaguely based off of me, Marcus was one of the two main characters from my VERY short lived Comic strip Room 825.  This was done in five minutes in colored pencils.  Sadly, this was the most attention I ever paid to any of the art - and it just ended up sucking as a strip.  Of course, I'm resurrecting several of these guys for my next strip Phil Bond: Accidental Secret Agent just because a few people have asked me to resolve the very few plot lines that existed.
Will Smith - Vaguely based off of my real roommate Sean, Will was a fun character to write.  Why?  Because all of that repressed anger that Sean has, Will didn't repress.  And it was funny.  Very funny.  Colored pencils.
Terry Smith -  Vaguely based off of.... absolutely no one.  Terry was the only character who was entirely fictional.  Why? Because she was Marcus's love interest, and while writing the strip I was quite single. Colored Pencils.

Category 6 - Quest of Alomar

Ilia - Ilia is the primary character from an RPG script I've been working on.  She is, in fact, a thief, and not some idiot with a sword.  Who'd have guessed.  Pencils.
Nariala - "Quest of Alomar" Character, Nariala is the obligatory "Mage" design... or is she.  I don't know.  I just created her recently... and have yet to write her in.  Pencils.
Bryant - He has an axe.  Another "Quest of Alomar" character.  He has huge feet.... I have no idea why. Maybe it's just over compensation... Pencils.

Category 7 - Random Art

Nicole Wan - Nicole is a character that has shown up in many different settings... I'm considering reviving her in at least one of the current stories I'm writing -- I just haven't decided what yet.  This is just a pencil sketch.
Armed Nicole - This is what happens when you begin sketching a character while your friend is playing Devil May Cry next to you.  Your characters end up with bizarre ornate weapons... pencils.
Brandi - The concept behind Brandi is a "demonic influence" who, due to the current economic slump, has been forced to take the job of somebody's conscience.  She also is a proposed mascot for NoBrandCon.  I Penciled, but David Recine of "Fanboy" infamy inked her.
Brandi Onesheet - This started off as two drawings.  Amanda (the one in the back) and Brandi are on two separate layers, that I spent three hours positioning.... due more to slow computers than being anal.  This is what's appearing in issue #1 of Fanboy.  Pencils, Inks, and ULead iPhoto Express.
Bob the Toothfairy - This comes from my demented imagination.  Don't ask... please.
Keegan Firewater - An NPC I throw into almost all of my campaigns somewhere in the background.  She's hardly ever there to advance the plot, usually she's just there to either hurt, distract, or get the players completely drunk.  Pencil Sketch
Pissed off Mage - No real background for her -- she's just in a bad bad mood.  Pencil Sketch.
Infamous "Alone" Gargoyle - I drew this back in... what was it, 1997?  But this adorned various parts of my website for a while, and it actually was the intended cover image for my yet unnamed RPG.  It's a pencil sketch that's been partially inked with a basic bic pen.  I go all out for art supplies, can't you tell? Yeesh
Death on an Off Day - This was produced years ago at 5am after an all night gaming session of Vampire: The Masquerade.  I decided I wanted to draw a cartoony version of the Grim Reaper.  It turned out more bizarre than anything else.  Inked badly with a sharpy.
Death on an Off Day 2 - I was on a Grim Reaper kick a few years ago, as you can tell.  He's just some pencils this time, which is thankful considering how bad of an inker I am.  He's supposed to look lonely, but I think he just looks bored.

Category 8 - Ego Shots (Self Portraits of Questionable Accuracy)

The Classic Profile - I drew this back in '98 so I could test the scanner that has long since died.  It's appeared on my site randomly since then.  Pencils, and actually inked.
Warrior Me! - I made this as a joke to be my personal pic for message boards.  It makes me look much cooler than I am - but since the point was to make fun of people with "bad ass" pics, I guess that's the intended image. Pencils.
With a Hat! - Originally I was going to use this for my website.  Then I changed my mind.  Pencils.

Category 9 - Fan Art

Sal and the Alien - Sal from It's Walky ( kicking some ass. Pencils.
Sal and the Alien 2- You wouldn't hurt an amputee, would you? Pencils.
Breakfast with Bludgeon - Boredom struck, and it struck hard.  Bludgeon, the fairly unknown Decepticon Leader from the Transformers Comics sitting at the breakfast table.  Pencils.

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