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Page History
A Timeline
May 1996
The Domain, my first "personal" homepage premieres on AOL's member servers using a program called "WebEdit" (I forget who developed it).  Webedit was essentially a Text editor with cookie cutter HTML macros.  I taught myself HTML with it.
June 1996
The Domain stops being my personal site, and turns into a Science Fiction E-zine, featuring original fiction and articles on Sci-fi news.  Back in those days, any schmuck could build that sort of thing. Hehe...

On June 25th, I decide to try building a personal page again.  An archived version still exists here. This is the site that will eventually be renamed TRHOnline, and is the official launch of the site you're looking at right now.

April 1997
The final issue of The Domain goes online.  It's partially archived here.  My Homepage continues, and random other sites are built - at one point rising to a total number of nine at once - including a Ranma 1/2 page, a Klingon website, and a site dedicated to the BBS game "Legend Of the Red Dragon".
February 1998
"Homeworld Enterprises" goes online at*.  Designed in tandem with Brian Miles,  It contains TSSoftware's site (a QBasic software group run by myself, Brian Miles, and Jesse Haag) and HWS (An online radio station).
April 1998
"Traegorn's Pagan Page" goes online on Tripod.  It's kept seperate from my personal page, because I expect it will have a different audience.  This is also the first time I use my Wiccan name on a site instead of my given name. 
May 1998
The "Enterprises" is lopped off the Homeworld title, and it is expanded to include areas covering Anime and Conspiracies.  Also, a Newsfeed and various other features are added.  May 5th, '98 is considered the "Relaunch" date, and the site gets a complete redesign signaling version 2. The new Homeworld is intended to build an online community and content based portal.
January 1999
My personal site and my pagan page merge into one site, and I move my hosting to's* server.  The new title is Traegorn RavenHawk Online.  It is labeled "v3.0", considering the personal page v1.0, and the pagan page v2.0.  A cover page is put up at as well.  The site also moves into 'Frames'.  Somewhere around here, version 3.0 of Homeworld premieres as well. 
October 1999 goes online, an offshoot of Homeworld's Conspiracy Area.  Solely designed by myself, it ends up becoming fairly popular. ends up becoming the content based portal and community site Homeworld tried to be.  This also signals the first sign of Homeworld's downfall.
November 1999
Version 4.0 of TRHOnline premieres, abandoning the darker color scheme in choice of a lighter one.  The entire backend is redesigned, and it moves to the UWEC Student ACM server Blackhole (
December 1999
The promised fourth incarnation of Homeworld fails to meet the X-mas 1999 deadline.  The site seems all but abandoned after this.  Brian attempts to turn it into an all anime site, but it fails. 
February 2000
TRHOnline moves to hosting, becoming  Also, the first portion of TRHCommunity launches, with the TRHCommunity Message board.  A chat room is also launched, but soon forgotten and deleted.  The message board is hosted on
February 2001 v5.0 launches, abandoning frames, and a backend redesign is performed - roughly creating what you see before you.
September 2001
The TRHCommunity Message board moves off of, and onto itself.  This is also the first sign of's new focus on the community aspect of the site.
February 2002
TRHMessenger Launches, adding another community interaction tool.  TRHMessenger is an instant messaging utility primarily, but also doubles as a simple way to send offline messages to other users.
June 2002
A new TRHCommunity app is launched, merely referred to as the 'TRHCommunity App', it takes the TRHMessenger logins and allows you to also maintain a To Do List, keep an online Notepad, and customize your page with 'modules', or portions of code that include showing the most recent posts on the message board, and the current moonphase.
February 2004
Due to a server move,'s scripts get scrambled. Rather than rebuild the TalkShop message board, a PHPBB is installed. Because of the private messaging system built into PHPBB, TRHMessenger is deemed obsolete. Notepad, ToDo, and the rest of the still unnamed TRHCommunity App are put aside, possible to be ressurected later -- but not for a while.
May/June 2005 launched the beta service TRHBlogs. Located at, It allows users to create and maintain blogs with their message board login. It's code is based on an extension of the blog software developed for the mainpage -- a version of Peter Windridge's NewsLead so modified it doesn't even resemble the original codebase.
February 2006
The backend of TRHOnline gets a major revamp, becoming completely dynamic using a new piece set of scripts unofficially dubbed TRHSiteEngine. It is used on several design contracts to power other websites as well.
* - has since been taken by a different group as a domain name.  In other words, it's turned into a Japanese porn site.  For those of you who know what was at before it turned into Homeworld, the irony shant be lost.

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