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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
Hot Rod
Zenith 8088 Laptop
Lid Closed
Lid Open
Rear Ports
Expansion Slot
Power Hack*
End Table?*
* - See text below
He's a lean, mean, slow ass machine
This is one of my favorite machines.  Hot Rod has probably had more work done to him than deserved.  Hot Rod was spending his years in the basement of Derek Castor's Family's house, wasting away... waiting for someone to do something with him.  Derek's father found it, I'm not sure how, but at the time was unable to get a hold of a working battery for it.  He decided the heck with it, and hardwired the power supply to the mother board, bypassing the battery equipment (See "power hack" above to see a photo of the hole cut for the cable in).  After getting Hot Rod working, he really had no good use for it.  And so he decided to give it to me.  Hot Rod ended up for a while being used as a Dice Roller for late night sessions of Vampire: The Masquerade while I was in High School.  Eventually he became the test machine for InputGUIDO, and has since taken up residence as part of a poorly constructed end table (see photo above).  He seems happy, if you can call an inanimate object happy.

Running an 8 Megahertz 8088 processor, with 640k RAM, Hot Rod proves  just how slow things can get.  He has a 20 megabyte hard drive, a single density 3.5 inch floppy, and a CGA video card with limited color  LCD display.  I also have an external monitor I occasionally hook up to him.  I've added mouse support through the serial port, and have an Alpha build of InputGUIDO running over DOS 3.0.  I still use Hot Rod as the test machine for InputGUIDO, but other than that - he's getting most of his use holding the current mail and as a place to put my drink.  I have no idea what he cost on release, or what the actual date was.

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