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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
VTech Laser 128 Accessories
All Three Units
Expansion Box Front
Expansion Box Side
Expansion Box Interior
3.5 inch Drive
Drafting Plotter
It's a pile of stuff you've never heard of.
The Laser 128 I used to own came into my hands in 1994.... and like my old Commodore 64... fried on me.  And this one literally fried on me - black smoke rising out of it and everything.  Yeesh.  In any case, what we have here are some interesting accessories that went along with it.  What we have here are as follows: The expansion deck, a 3.5inch external drive, and a small drafting plotter.  I also have the adapter which lets you send it to an RF modulator... yes, you needed an adaptor for an adaptor.... yeesh.

First off, you should get to know the Laser 128 though.  It was produced by VTech (those guys who make cordless phones) in 1984, and is essentially a Apple IIc clone with a 5.25 inch drive built directly into the side.

 I never could actually get the 3.5 inch drive to work.  I've been considering rigging a deadly weapon out of it.  Next is the Expansion Box.  This attached to the side of the Laser 128, via a cumbersome ribbon cable. Theoretically, it sat on it's bottom, but the cable always seemed to suspend it about an inch off the table.  Now, you'll notice that the expansion ports are empty, but I believer there must be some memory built into it - just because I was able to run some software only intended for the Apple IIgs when I had it attached, but couldn't when it was dettached.  Finally is the plotter.  This, like the 3.5inch drive, never got used by me.  But in this case it's just because... well... I don't do any drafting.  The only reason I have it is that the guy who gave it away to me had it along with everything else.  I'm missing the rod to hold the paper though.

Trae Dorn
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