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My small collection of odd computers and video game consoles.
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The X'Eye sells for upwards of $100 as a complete system, and I've seen systems without box go as high as $80...  So when I spotted this one at Pawn Doctors, a local pawn shop, for $45 - I had to get it.  I had never actually seen the X'Eye in person.  I had seen some TV spots for it when it was new, and while I had wanted one when it was out, I had all but forgotten about this gem right up until I spotted it sitting there in the pawn shop... and it all came rushing back.  I have the original controller (a Genesis 3-button with JVC painted on it), RF Adapter, and power supply.  Don't have the box, instructions, or pack in software though.

The X'Eye is also known as the Wondermega 2 in Japan.  The Wondermega was a third party system that played both Sega Genesis and Sega CD titles in a combined unit.  The Wondermega 2/X'Eye, it's second incarnation. Smaller and cheaper than the Wondermega 1, it was the first combined unit to hit US Shores - and the only one until Sega released the CDX.  Released in September 1994 (my unit sports a July manufacture date), the X'Eye cost a hefty $500 - which doomed it to oblivion as a console.  The only Genesis accessory/adapter it does not support is the 32X, and anyone who's played with it understands why it is so popular with collectors.

As I've gotten this question dozens of times, I thought I should add it to the page. The question that seems to sit on everyone's mind is, "What power adapter does the X'Eye use?"

The good news is the power supply for the JVC X'Eye is a standard JVC part, Model Number AA-S95J. The bad news is that JVC has recently discontinued the part (for a while I was just redirecting people to JVC, it was nice). If you're looking for a generic part, the power details are printed on the unit (AC Adapter, 9.5v should be going into the system, positive polarity). I hope that is at least a little helpful.

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