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The Steven Seagal Movie Generator!

Steven Seagal In...
Out for Past
Fake Credits
Steven Seagal, Kurt Russel and Chooi Kheng-Beh

Plot Summary:
Steven Seagal is a renegade cop who needs to stop a terrorist madman (played by Chooi Kheng-Beh ) from kidnapping Seagal's daughter .

Seagal is joined by a FBI Agent (played by Kurt Russel ). With the odds against them, can they prevent Chooi Kheng-Beh from blowing up a church full of innocent parishoners ?

About the Steven Seagal Movie Generator:
This is the Steven Seagal Movie Generator. Above is a randomly generated Steven Seagal film, along with its poster. Just press reload to generate yourself a new film.

The titles and plots are randomly assembled from the titles and plots of actual Steven Seagal films. Don't believe me? Just look at Seagal's Filmography.

Yep. It's really that simplistic. And if you see a plot point that makes you say "There's no way that was in the movie," guess-a-freakin'-gain. All plot points have been taken from actual Seagal films.

Please forgive the occasionally correct generation of an actual film plot and title. This is random, and occasionally it places the appropriate pieces together to make an actual film.

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