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Support and FAQs

These are various support documents and FAQs related to
TRHOnline General FAQ
This is the general FAQ about TRHOnline, its services, and why exactly the sky is blue... well, maybe not that last one.
TRHOnline Message Board FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the TRHOnline message board. This section also covers questions related to TRHOnline Logins and Accounts.
Who is TRH?
Information about TRHOnline's owner and operator, Trae Dorn. Find out what makes him tick, and why he's camped out in your backyard right now...
The History of TRHOnline
A detailed timeline explaining the various incarnations of this page, and major changes since its original launch on June 25th 1996.
Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Privacy Statement
Legal policies for TRHOnline regarding use, copyright, privacy policies, and all of that other fun stuff. Not really that thrilling a read, but important none the less.
Trae on Facebook
Where you can find Trae's various pages on Facebook.

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