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Small Galaxy (a Serialized Web Novel)

Small GalaxyThere are some tales so epic they must be told. There are tales of the great heroes who must rise and defend the galaxy from the most sinister of evil forces. There are tales in which the very fabric of the universe is threatened, and only a group of rag tag and plucky heroes can stop space-time from unraveling.

Small Galaxy is not one of those tales.

Small Galaxy is a comedic science fiction adventure story where boy meets girl, and girl turns out to be from another planet. Some other stuff happens too when a homeless political science professor shows up, but you'll just have to see what that's all about.

Or something.

In any case, Small Galaxy is a serialized web novel by Trae Dorn. Every month a new chapter is released here on

That's about it.

Chapter 1: Randall
Chapter 1: RandallAs he slowly drank the obscenely overpriced beverage the "Java Bomb" attempted to call coffee, Randall glanced up to see something he wasn't quite used to. The sight rattled him, and caused a bizarre set of conflicting emotions that made him feel as though the world was slightly off balance.

An attractive woman was looking straight at him.
Chapter 2: Ruth
Chapter 2: Ruth"Richard! Slow down!" yelled Ruth as she tried to keep pace.

Randall stopped so quickly she almost ran into his back. He turned around on his heels and looked her square in the eye. Ruth actually shrank from his glare... but only a little.

"My name, is Randall. It's not Richard. In no way is it or has it ever
been Richard," he quietly scolded. "For pete's sake, if you're going to cause this much mayhem, you may as well get my name right!"
Chapter 3: George
Chapter 3: GeorgeFire in the sky.

The sky was on fire today. This he saw. This he knew. A streak of flame crossed the sky, and it plummeted into a building just blocks from him. This was real. Other people saw it too. That meant it was real.

It was reassuring to know it was real.

George wasn't insane, as far as he knew, but he wasn't in any mood to start going insane. Oh sure, some people
thought he was insane, but what did they know?

They were just primitives.
Chapter 4: The Morning
Chapter 4: The MorningRandall awoke to the smell of bacon. He pulled the blanket over his head. Maybe if he closed his eyes hard enough, he'd fall asleep again and wake back up in a world where the events of the prior day hadn't happened. Sadly the universe did not want to acquiesce to his desires.

Randall pulled himself out of bed and got dressed.
Chapter 5: The Road
Chapter 5: The RoadShe walked up the flights quickly and with determination. She was going to take a shower, get into something clean, and they could be on their way. Ruth was very, very excited. Not only was she going to get home, but she was going to have fun along the way.

Ruth knocked on Randall's apartment door, and was let in without delay.

"Did you get packed?" she asked, bouncing past him.
Chapter 6: The Hitchhiker
Chapter 6: The HitchhikerGeorge was getting tired of holding the sign. He'd been out here for a while, and it didn't look like he was going to catch anyone's eye. His plans often didn't work, but he always tried them none the less.

What else was he supposed to do?

George had reached the point where hope had abandoned him, yet futility hadn't overwhelmed him. It was at that precise moment of balance that the blue car pulled up in front of him.
Chapter 7: Lunch
Chapter 7: LunchRandall walked out of the sub shop and back towards the parking lot, sandwich in hand. He hated eating alone in restaurants, so he figured he may as well eat outside by his car. It was a nice day out anyways, the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and there was a nice cool breeze. The situation had changed so rapidly. It was hard to imagine that the last time he sat down for lunch the world was small, he had a job, and he knew at least a tiny bit of what he was doing. Now he was without a job and on a cross country road trip with a couple of aliens.

One of whom was sitting on the hood of his car.
Chapter 8: The Others
Chapter 8: The OthersHe'd been on this job for the last two years, and it just seemed silly to waste this level of resources on a single man... but hey, his paycheck cleared every two weeks, and it beat the alternative. Bob's job was simple, the security contractor he worked for had been hired to make sure one man stayed in one place. Bob didn't know why, and Bob didn't care why. It was a job.
Chapter 9: The Motel
Chapter 9: The MotelRuth tossed her backpack down on the bed nearest the door. The motel room was decorated just like every other generic motel room she'd been in on any planet, right down to the painting of a sailboat hanging on the wall. What exactly was it with the people who decorated cheep hotels and their obsessions with terrible sailboat paintings? The room was eerily similar to the motel they'd stayed at the night before, and the night before that too. So far their drive had been smooth and quite fun, but their accommodations weren't exactly anything to write home about.
Chapter 10: Wisconsin
Chapter 10: WisconsinIt wasn't until they crossed the Saint Croix River that Randall fully thought about what was going on. He was going to his parents' house with a girl from another planet. What kind of half baked, bizarre idea was that? How did that make any lick of sense? Randall just shook his head.

Trae Dorn
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