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RSS NewsfeedThe Return of Drive In Season!
Posted April 14, 2014 - 14:19:24

The Return of Drive In Season!

So this weekend was the first of Drive In season down here in Indiana. Crysta and I went out to MELS at the Starlite Drive In down in Mechanicsburg, IN on Saturday night to enjoy a double feature.

MELS is sadly still running non-digital gear, so their film pickings are quite slim this season. They're trying to get the money together to go digital, but I think they've only raised a quarter of the amount. Honestly, I like the place - so I always donate a bit, but it's far from my favorite drive in to go to. Still, I hope they are able to upgrade, because they're still nice people.

This upcoming weekend is the opening for my favorite drive in, The Lake Shore Drive-In up in Monticello (Crysta and I live about equidistant between Lake Shore and MELS). Lake Shore went digital years ago, so there's no real worry about them going anywhere. Lake Shore, as a facility, is just nicer in general.

It also looks like Lake Shore put up a new screen since last season, so I'm excited about that. If I was going to recommend someone try a single drive in, it would be this one.

There's just something fun about Drive In theaters though, sitting outside on a summer night watching a movie. You can't replicate that any other way.

And I'm glad there are a few still out there.
- Traegorn
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