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Posted May 5, 2015 - 16:27:12


Why is it that when I get busy I find the time to update literally all of my projects online except this blog? I mean, I've been running this website for almost nineteen years, and maintaining this space for fourteen or so.

I mean, I blog a couple times day over at Nerd & Tie (which admittedly cut out some of the content that used to appear here). I write music (hey, I put out a new song about the fanfic My Immortal). I draw multiple comics a week (The Chronicles of Crosarth and UnCONventional).

But I don't take the time to write about me.

Maybe I just don't have as much going on. Maybe I just have thrown myself so much into my creative projects that I don't have much else to say. Maybe it's because I don't find myself as interesting as I did when I was twenty at thirty-four...

...okay, that's not true. I'm absolutely fascinating.

But here I am, going weeks at a time without anything to say. I think it's because the relationship drama that used to fill my life evaporated once I met my wife Crysta, I can't talk about work, and now all my nerd blogging is elsewhere. The most I have to talk about here is convention appearances and creative projects, which often speak for themselves.

Ah well.

I'm excited about ACen at least.
- Traegorn
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