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Posted August 26, 2014 - 9:35:49

FIRE ALARM CON 2014So when I got home from Geek.kon 2014 the first thing I wished was that I was still at Geek.kon 2014. I don't always feel that way after a con, but in this case three days felt too short a time. I wanted more, but in that "because it's so good" sort of way, not in a "because it was lacking" sort of way.

That's an important difference.

Of course Geek.kon, like many Wisconsin cons, feels more like a family reunion than cons elsewhere in the country do for me. I see so many old friends I don't see elsewhere, that it's hard to compare my experiences to other cons.

Frankly, so many of my friends were there, there are many who I barely got to see at all this last weekend, and I hope my absenteeism didn't offend anyone.

Anyway - I want to thank everyone who came out this last weekend and stopped by my table. Whether you bought print copies of my comics (UnCONventional and The Chronicles of Crosarth) or if I just shoved cards in your hands, thank you for spending the time to look at my work. Also, each and every one of you who stopped by our live show for Nerd & Tie is a hero - and if you missed it, you can always listen to it on the site.

Also, thanks to the jackass who set off the fire alarm at 3:45AM in the morning. I still intend to hunt you down and punch you in your genitals, but at least you provided me with a pretty great story.

But yeah, still going to punch you in the genitals.

Multiple times.

I don't have anything on my calendar until Daisho Con come November, which is unfortunate, but that should be a good time at least. I always want to do more cons, but time and funds are finite.

But hey, we keep looking forward.
- Traegorn
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