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Posted November 13, 2015 - 11:57:26

INDYpendent Show

Okay, so I've been super busy this month with keeping comics updated (November is always crazy for UnCONventional), writing content for Nerd & Tie, organizing a new convention, and that pesky day job... I almost forgot to mention that I'm going to be at a convention this Sunday!

That's right, it's time for the Fall 2015 INDYpendent Show!

It's being held this Sunday (November 15th) from 10am-5pm at the Airport Radisson in Indianapolis, IN. The INDYpendent show is kind of a unique event, exclusively featuring independent artists and publishers from around Indiana. It's probably one of my favorite events, and I try to do it whenever I can.

Admission is only $4 ($2 for student) and it should be a pretty awesome time. They're also adding a whole bunch of Podcasting stuff this time (although I'm just going on my own -- we're not bringing any Nerd & Tie stuff), which is pretty damned cool.

So if you're in Indiana and you'd like to spend a Sunday talking with a wide variety of creators (including yours truly), you should come down and check out the event. I've done this show twice before, and I can guarantee it'll be friggin' awesome.

This is my last con for 2015, as I won't be doing Daisho Con this year. I literally have never missed a Daisho Con since it was founded. I was a vendor and featured musical performer (hey remember back when I had a band?) at the first Daisho Con, and went back in some capacity every single time... until now. The stars just didn't align this time, and it's kind of sad. I'm still sorting out my 2016 commitments, but I'm sure I'll be back the area at least by No Brand Con (which I wouldn't miss for the world) in the spring.

So fret not, Wisconsin friends -- I shall return! Just not as soon as I'd like.
- Traegorn
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