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Posted: 9/4/2005 21:28
Last Updated: 2/12/2014 15:05

Demonbuster Busted
Trae Dorn
Originally Posted: 20-OCT-2002
Website Being Reviewed:

Demonbuster Busted? Well, probably not. I think it's meant to look like that.

First off, is a very poorly designed site. I mean, I used to get offended by it - but at this point I just find it funny. Remember, they're trying to 'save' you from "being Depressed? Abused? Afraid? Tormented? Suicidal? Sick? Alcoholic? Addict? Obese? Homosexual (gay, lesbian)? Witch? Satanist? Brotherhood? Want out of the occult or a cult? Hooked on porno? Dying? OCD? MPD? DID? Molester? Self-Abuse? Bi-polar? Etc.?"

Well, good luck with that - I'm having a hard time getting past the crappy midi file.

Trae Dorn
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