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Posted: 2/6/2006 23:28
Last Updated: 8/24/2009 15:22

Character Creation

1. Pick an Archetype.
This is your character's Job or Class. From Pirates to Haxors to Spies, this will dictate your particular Skill set, and possibily your very personality

2. Set your Statistics.
A player is given six points to spend on their Character Statistics (Sweetness and Fitness) and two points to spend on their Combat Statistics (Barehands, Melee and Guns).

3. When the party gets together, establish your Role.
Are you the Primary Character, or are you the Sidekick? Sidekicks are important too, so don't get mad...

4. Figure out your Inventory.
This is not that difficult, as what a character has should be based around their backstory. It's best to set this up in ways that only make sense for the purposes of story, and while no money system exists within the rules, it's fairly easy to figure out what exactly your characters would have access to. Remember, in this game the combat rules consider a Slingshot to be just as devastating in our hero's hands as a P-90, so don't get hung up on having the "best" equipment. The GM can also veto any player equipment choices (for obvious reasons).

Wow, that seems so easy. Expanding this section will take creativity apparently.

Trae Dorn
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