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Posted: 3/16/2007 10:33
Last Updated: 8/12/2013 13:37

NoBrandCon: News of the World!

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Run Time: ~0.75 minutes
Description: From the world of NoBrandCon, this tells the tale of Duct Tape Boy's exciting adventure in South America in classic News Reel Style.

This video is part of the ongoing mascot plotline that continues between conventions. NoBrandCon is Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention.

Starring: Trae Dorn as shouty announcer.

Soundtrack: No music used.

Additional Notes: I produced this in classic news reel form, mainly because it was a simple way to give the information without finding a way to replicate Peru, Mummies, or having to actually work with Duct Tape Boy.

The entire film is composed of photoshopped images, ala the Duct Tape Boy Documentary from last year. All of the backgrounds that represent Peru, actually are Peru. The Space Craft are all from the classic 80s film Flight of the Navigator, and the various mummies are from several films (most recognizably Boris Karloff in one shot). The News of the World logo is completely original (which should be obvious by the fact that it uses a space shot of Earth which wouldn't have existed when newsreels like this were made).

Trae Dorn
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