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Political Science

In this category you will find a short list of articles and papers I've written on political science topics. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and these articles were written during my studies there. So, y'know, don't expect a lot of new stuff to show up here.
The Drums of Hindu Nationalism
The Drums of Hindu NationalismNationalism is one of the most dangerous forces on Earth. It blinds otherwise insightful men and women, and it removes logic from those whose abilities of ration are rarely impaired. So what happens when one interbreeds religious nationalism with classical nationalism? What happens when religion and race become so intertwined that it's hard to tell the difference? While the 'other' lurks around every corner, the need to protect not just their nation's mortal but immortal legacy grows stronger. And this is the line where Hindu nationalism sits.
A Matter of Habit
A Matter of HabitElection Turnout and the Entry Level Voter. It is no secret that people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are less likely to vote than any other age demographic. While youth vote campaigns have existed for quite some time, in recent years even a larger focus has come on to the issue. While the sheer statistics of the low turnout of the youth vote are quite obvious and irrefutable, the reasons behind it are not quite apparent. This article puts forward a very simple idea: The primary reason younger voters don't show up to the polls is simply because they aren't used to voting in the first place. To study the effects of habit on voting, this paper will look at twenty-one to twenty-seven year olds both before and after the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971. To make these comparisons I will use the American National Election Study Cumulative Datafile that covers 1948-2004. Voting behavior of this demographic will be compared to a control age demographic unlikely to still be effected by a lack of habit in voting (sixty-one to sixty-seven).
The Archetypical Presidency
The Archetypical PresidencyThe President of the United States of America is often the focus of film and television drama. By looking at popular media, this article will examine what basic archetypes emerge from this popular fiction. But by forcing our image of an archetype on anyone who would try to portray that position, are we actually doing ourselves a disservice? Will we then expect all representations in both fiction and reality to meet this expectation? This article will look to define the archetypes that pervade our collective cultural fiction, and see how we are also applying them to our genuine politicians. It will also examine how Politicians attempt to evoke these same images for their own advantage. (Originally written in May of 2006)

Trae Dorn
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