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Input Graphical User Interface DOS Overlay
Developing a GUI for Systems that Never Deserved One

Current Build: Alpha 3.2.01
Note: Before operating READ THE README.TXT! I swear to god, it's really really short. But if you try to run the program without reading that, or setting it up properly, it will crash.  Also, when using the Source code - it will compile under QuickBasic 4.5, but for some reason the real-time interpreter won't execute it uncompiled likes it's supposed to - so just do it the old fashioned way. QBasic users should have no problems.

as .zip  - includes Source code(If you would like to mirror this file, please e-mail me at
8088 8mhz Proccessor
640k RAM
DOS 3.0 or better
CGA display.

Note: These are the minimum requirements that I have tested the program on.  It may or may not run on slower or older systems.



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