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Input Graphical User Interface DOS Overlay
Developing a GUI for Systems that Never Deserved One

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is InputGUIDO?
A. InputGUIDO is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that I've been designing for use on older, slower systems that are incapable of running Windows.

Q. Is it an Operating System?
A. Not technically.  It runs on top of DOS, exactly like Windows did before the 9x series/DOS 7.0 kernal integration.  If you're running InputGUIDO with DOS 3.0, then DOS 3.0 is your OS.

Q. What are the System Requirements?
A. The requirements are: at least an 8088 8mhz Proccessor, 640k RAM, DOS 3.0 or better, and at least a CGA display.  The test machine can be found profiled here.  A Mouse is reccomended, but not required.

Q. What Language is this being written in?  Is this Open Source?
A. It's being written in QuickBASIC v4.5, and yes, it's open source.  You can use, modify, or make bed sheets out of the code however you see fit - BUT if you wish to distribute it you *must* make the code you modified free and open to the public.  Of course, who'd ever want to pay for GUIDO anyways?  It's being written in QuickBASIC v4.5 because it's pretty fast, and simple to program in.  It also has some nice DOS shortcuts built in that makes some functions easier to write.  I am using the library that came with QuickBASIC 4.5, so when you launch it type "qb.exe /l"

Q. I downloaded the program and it calls itself InputPOS, not InputGUIDO.  What the heck is up?
A. InputGUIDO was originally called InputPOS (Input Professional Operating System) for various reasons.  The main one was the obvious P.O.S. joke that's so easy to make.  Unfortunatly, it's an innaccurate descriptor for the program, and while trying to describe it I said Graphical User Interface DOS Overlay... and GUIDO was born.  I have yes to go into the program itself and rename every POS reference.  I probably won't bother until I finish v3.2.

Q. Why does the code look like s***?
A. Uhh, well.... I'm sorry.  Input version 3 was originally released in *1996*.  I was in High School at the time, and things like "Structure" and "Documentation" were still foreign concepts to me at the time.  I would discard the old code and start with v4.0 but.... well... Version 3 *works*.  It works really well in fact.  3.2 is being designed so I can take that *working* code and add more functionality to it (Folders, a file manager, etc).   If I ever have the time and motivation, I'll make v4.0.  But until then, I'll be writing this using the (messy) version 3 core.

Q. You've explained the GUIDO part, but why 'Input'?
A. It's because Input v1.x and v2.x (That's right, no GUIDO, no POS, just 'Input') were run mostly with the "Input" command, so "Input" just seemed very...appropriate, and the name stuck.  They were designed to make running various programs on my old 386 simpler, without going through repeated DOS commands.  Input 3.x was the first one to attempt to build a GUI, hence the slight change in the name to InputGUIDO.

Q. Why are there limits on number of folders and folder size?
A. Because this is being designed for slow and old systems, I'm trying to load as little information as possible into the system.  It's a tough balance between slimness and user interface, and I'm doing my best.  Unfortunately, that means making the sacrifice of limiting folder sizes, etc.  I'm developing a flexible system to handle number of folders, but it'll be a bit of work - my copy of QuickBASIC 4.5 is having problems with the mouse routines (but it's compiling final programs properly... odd, but it's working).  To reduce the program's operatational requirements, each portion of the screen has to be managed statically - so, creating folder management has become a hassle.


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