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Super Awesome Action Heroes

Super Awesome Action Heroes is a pick up and play RPG set in the world of Action Movies.

This is the rule book.

It is to be noted that this is an evolving manual. You may find errors, inconsistencies, and grammatical faux pas - this is to be expected though. Until all sections are completed in at least a first draft, proofreading is unfortunately a secondary objective. Fear not though, for as soon as workable text is in all chapters, proofreading will begin.

Once a solid, reviewed, and proof-read version is completed though, a print edition of this manual will be offered.

This was last updated August 14, 2008

Appendix: Legendary Beasts and the Supernatural
Optional rules for horror, fantastical creatures, and other stuff. This is a work in progress.
Appendix: Fantasy Setting
Appendix: Fantasy SettingThese are additional Archetypes and Rules for SAAH to be used in a Fantasy Setting. Now you can go all sweet-move style upside the head of some fodder orcs... or something.
This explains what exactly Super Awesome Action Heroes is.
Character Creation
This discusses character creation, and party creation. (Expansion Needed)
What are 'Roles'?
This section discusses the very important "Roles" portion of SAAH. From the Primary Character to Side Kicks to Main Villains, and how a character's role effects gameplay.
Archetypes (Jobs)
This section discusses the important Archetype system in SAAH, which dictate your character's abilities and personality.
Stats, Skills, and Sweet Moves
A discussion of basic statistics in the game, "Give Me Five Minutes" based Abilities (skills), and the very important "Sweet Move" system.
Levels and Experience
Section for discussing character advancement, leveling up and experience.
Combat System
A description of the combat system.
GM Section
This is GM Specific Information for running the game (Work in Progress)

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