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Super Awesome Action Heroes

Super Awesome Action Heroes is a pick up and play RPG set in the world of Action Movies.

This is the rule book.

The second edition (which is 100% compatible with the first edition) is available right now as a physical book, but the first edition rules will remain free online.

You can here this system in use every week on the Actual Play Podcast Stormwood & Associates

SAAH Core Rules First Edition
This is the main manual for the first edition of Super Awesome Action Heroes. Well... one point five.
Appendix: Legendary Beasts and the Supernatural
Optional rules for horror, fantastical creatures, and other stuff. This is a work in progress.
Appendix: Fantasy Archetypes
Appendix: Fantasy ArchetypesThese are additional Archetypes and Rules for SAAH to be used in a Fantasy Setting. Now you can go all sweet-move style upside the head of some fodder orcs... or something.

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