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Title Image - 'Winamp Skins'
When I get bored, I occasionally create skins for 'Winamp', the popular MP3 playing software.  I decided that I might as well pop these online.  Now, to use them, it's pretty simple.  Just download the Zip file to the 'Skins' directory in your Winamp folder (look at me, using multiple terms for the same thing in one sentence... yeesh). Do NOT unzip them - leave them compressed.  Winamp will automatically add the skin to your selection of "skins" in the main menu. The skins here work in both Winamp v2.x and Winamp 3, however the Winamp 3 playlist will remain on the default skin. 
Newest Skins: Categories:
July 13, 2003 - "Duct Tape Boy!"
July 13, 2003 - "UtenAmp"
July 13, 2003 - "Ex-UtenAmp"
Dec. 3, 2002 - "The Lake"
May 21, 2002 - "Action Master Bamt"
May 7, 2002 - "Spoon Attack!"
Note: These skins are free to use, but are NEVER to be sold as part of a commercial product, without the direct permission of Trae RavenHawk, and any other parties that contributed to their design.
Completed Skins
These skins are completed, and while future versions might get released... I like them the way they are.

In Progress
These are skins that I plan on working on, and are not 'complete' or 'finished' work.  Either the artwork or the buttons need to be tweaked for various reasons.

These are skins that were created on a whim, with no real intention to achieve perfection... just to try out an idea.  Sometimes the images don't align perfectly, but I have no real intention to ever work on these again.

Trae Dorn
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